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Topic: having trouble with gsnfx EQ

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    having trouble with gsnfx EQ

    I downloaded the gsnfx file to my MAC when i registered giga. i put it on a cd and put that disk into my PC that runs GIGA (which does not have modem.)

    it shows up as a \".mim\" file. how do i \"install\" this into the giga program?

    i see the other fx in the \"components\" folder with names like \"nfx1.cnt.\"


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    Re: having trouble with gsnfx EQ

    Hello gaucho,

    You should have a .exe extension on your download for the NFX EQ plug-in. When you burn a CD on your Mac, be sure that it is in ISO9660 mode that can be read by the PC.


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    Re: having trouble with gsnfx EQ

    thank you for your reply, pmuse.

    i looked back at the original attachment in the email from tascam, and it really is a \".mim\" file, not a \".exe\" file.

    maybe i should just get it from one of my friends. i need it right away.

    any other ideas?

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