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Topic: New Demo-Mysteriouso music

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    Talking New Demo-Mysterioso music

    This little piece is entitled "Plot 032".

    Any feedback would be appreciated


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    Re: New Demo-Mysterioso music

    OK for those that won't bite, I'll give some more info. I composed this all in Overture with Step Entry. I used the slurs for legato and recorded the Mod Wheel Data after all the notes were in.

    I used the Full orchestra with Harp Template from GPO Studio.

    I found it useful to use Overture's "Voices". That is how I quickly alternated between tremolo and short bows near the first crescendo.


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    Re: New Demo-Mysteriouso music

    This definitely sounds very soundtrack like, even without a title like "plot032". Was this written for something specific? I like it, though overall it seems to be begging to be matched with visuals so much that it almost seems like I’m missing half of it to only hear it.

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    Smile Re: New Demo-Mysteriouso music

    Hi Jesse,

    when I heard your piece for the first time, a little reminded me of the soundtrack from "Van Helsing". Quasi "Van Helsing" - light, *g*. Your style of composition is good without every doubt. But nevertheless some criticism points struck to me:

    1) I think your piece would be more interesting if you used more dynamics. Somehow everything rings on one level, try to vary the dynamics in the individual tracks and also in the entire mix.

    2) Your music is in part very foreseeable. What I mean with that: the speed track never changes. By doing that you can make tension or underline another emotion. It would be perhaps also reasonable to compose several "peaks" how you already did at 1:20. Attempt to surprise the listener.

    Otherwise I like it well. A very beautiful atmosphere builds up and it makes to listen to much fun.


    "Time is the best teacher. But unfortunately she kills all her students ..." - Terry Pratchett


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    Re: New Demo-Mysteriouso music

    Great showpiece for GPO! I particularly like the way it cleverly borders on the tuneless/cacophonic without sounding like a talentless arty/avante-garde attempt at composition. Ie a very musical piece at heart skilfully rendered - I can't praise the naturalistic use of each instrument enough - all the more amazing if recorded in step time.

    It might benefit from pushes and pulls on the expression levels (mod wheel) more as suggested, but you'd have to try to see!

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    Re: New Demo-Mysteriouso music

    I really liked your work! I love the orchestration! And the Dissonances! And the Counterpoint! Reminds me of Williams sometimes... I agree with the dynamic aspect that could be improve the piece, but hey, you made all this from Ouverture!!!

    I'm looking forward to take a look at the score, I'd love to!



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    Re: New Demo-Mysteriouso music

    Hey, thanks guys. Other composers always confirm my subconscious criticisms of my own music. I also thought the dynamics might be too even, but I got used to hearing it the way it is and let it go. The great thing about feedback is it makes you improve what you might have gotten used to in getting to know your own piece. Soon, I'll post another link with a new and improved "dynamic" version.


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    Re: New Demo-Mysteriouso music


    As far as the recording, I can't comment since it's better than I could have done.

    As for the composition, I really enjoyed it alot. I thought it was very well done and it held my interest the whole way through. I especially liked the string writing toward the middle. I would not hesitate to buy a recording of that if it were available. Nice work!


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    Thumbs up Re: New Demo-Mysteriouso music

    I liked it very much and agree with you and the others on dynamics. Personally, this could sound track an underwater mysterious segment. If you have ever scuba there seems to be an uneasy, static, almost undynamic aspect of being underwater in extreme depths. When listening to your piece, it brought back memories of dives a couple of my friends and I use to take in the quarries of Canada and lakes.
    My experience with Overture is limited so your descriptions of how you worked the piece was as interesting.
    Thanks for posting.

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    Re: New Demo-Mysteriouso music

    Nice work Jesse.

    Enjoyed it very much. Could you say something about the reverb perhaps?

    Again, nice work. Thank's for sharing.



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