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Topic: Project SAM Solo Sessions - Final Release Info and Date

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    Lightbulb Project SAM Solo Sessions: Brass Final Release Info and Date

    Hello everyone!

    We have some exciting news from the Project SAM camp. Work on our new SAM SOLO SESSIONS: BRASS library is almost complete! We updated our website with the final release info and shipping dates for this upcoming library.

    Pre-ordering for SAM SOLO SESSIONS: BRASS will start this Thursday, June 10th at just EUR 139.99 (that's USD 174.99) ! That's for the complete 9 GB library, covering all six solo instruments:
    - Piccolo Trumpet
    - Bb Trumpet
    - French Horn
    - Tenor Trombone
    - C Tuba
    - Cimbasso
    In 3 microphone sets, 76 articulations in total.

    SAM SOLO SESSIONS: BRASS will start shipping on Wednesday June 23rd.

    New bundles
    Two new bundles will be added to our product range:
    - SAM Composer Package including all four SAM libraries, section and solo.
    - SAM Solo Sessions + SAM Trumpets, for owners of the Trombones & Horns.

    The library will be simultaneously released in Tascam Gigastudio 2.5 (44.1 khz 16 bit) format and Multi-Format (44.1 khz 24 bit holding EXS, Kontakt and HALion).

    Future Gigastudio 3.0 version
    The Gigastudio 3.0 version of SAM SOLO SESSIONS: BRASS will be released later this year. This version will be in 24 bit (like the Multi-Format) and use Giga's different new features.
    If you want, you can already include an upgrade to the 3.0 version in your 2.5 pre-order. We will then automatically ship you the Giga 3.0 version the moment it is released.

    Demo patches
    Demo patches for SAM SOLO SESSIONS: BRASS will be available Thursday June 10th, when pre-ordering starts! More demos will follow shortly after that.

    For more information please visit our website at www.projectsam.com.
    The SAM SOLO SESSIONS: BRASS release page contains a detailed list of the 76 articulations included in this library.

    We are looking forward to sharing these new sounds with our user community!

    Best regards,

    The SAM Team
    Project SAM

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    Senior Member Gary M. Thomas's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
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    Thumbs up Re: Project SAM Solo Sessions - Final Release Info and Date

    Hello Maarten. I wanted to wish the whole SAMS team the best of luck with the new SAM SOLO SESSIONS: BRASS LIBRARY. If it's anything like your previous sample libraries.... it will be totally AWESOME!
    (I really love my SAM Horns.) Gary Thomas

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    Re: Project SAM Solo Sessions - Final Release Info and Date

    Hey Maarten...

    Exciting news! Can we also expect more musical demos featuring all instruments in the next time besides the demo patches?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Wink Re: Project SAM Solo Sessions - Final Release Info and Date

    Now how can we trust a man with only one star behind his name? (wink)

    Really, incredible price!

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Project SAM Solo Sessions - Final Release Info and Date

    Hey Hansi, Alex,

    Thanks for the kind words!

    You can certainly expect more demos, but please give us some more time for this. Some people prefer music demos, others think they are "deceiving" and prefer actual playable patches. We will need both. First we will create a starter demo patch, then some dedicated demos will follow.

    Any suggestions on what you would like to hear (instrument-wise, articulation-wise or genre-wise) in a music demo are welcome!

    P.S.: I have no idea what that one star means... is it good/bad?


    Project SAM

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