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Topic: fuzzy audio output

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    fuzzy audio output

    new here, hello all. I'm a mac user...I just got a Sonica pc with giga installed on it and an rme card. I noticed while loading sounds in (while it was still loading) I clicked on giga's interface and of course there was the typical windows xp audio chime indicating, don't do that. But as a result, the audio output from the rme became fuzzy, after reading the manual for the rme, it said to disable the systems sounds. The pc is running Xp home, I coulnd't find the exact directory the manual suggested I use to make sure the sounds aren't routed out of the rme so I selected "none" for all of the audio prompts (the directory wasn't where the manual said I'd find it) and it worked fine. So I decided to shut down the giga system and put the sonica in the rack and hook everything up again where it will finally live. Now all I get is fuzzy audio output from the rme out into my mackie d8b (I'm using litepipe out to the mackie). I've rebooted the sonica multiple times, I rebooted my master clock source that provides wc to the rme card for sync in. Is this some obvious thing I've missed that you guys can suggest I try?

    thanks in advance
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    My Gear:
    Sonica P3 w/ 2 gigs ramm, 300+gigs 7200rpm raid, giga 160, RME Hammerfall HDSP 96, VSL Orch. Cube, NI complete 2 AU, dual 800 G4, os 10.2.8, dp 4.12au, motu M5 1.08, waves platinum 4.3x, uad 3.5.1 Spectrasonics Stylus & Atmosphere (AU versions) 1.25 gigs ram, miromotion dc30+ vid capture crd, motu pci 424 G5 card, midi exprss xt

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