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Topic: Problems installing GSampler LE and GigaPiano

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    Problems installing GSampler LE and GigaPiano

    I just bought GSampler LE and GigaPiano. They sent me V. 1.62. I installed it and registered on-line. They sent me an email entitled \"autoreply Registration Key\", but no Registration KEy number is in the email. GigaPiano prompts me for a Registration Key and won\'t load without one. TASCAM\'s website won\'t download the upgrade to 1.64 without the Registration Key. I\'ve emailed Customer Service and received no reply. I called them, and they told me the registration key is automatic, that GP should copy to my hard disk and to keep trying. I am at my wits end and think that I\'ve not gotten what I paid for.
    IS TASCAM supposed to send me a Registration Key number? My program wants one. Can anybody help? Thanks.

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    Re: Problems installing GSampler LE and GigaPiano

    I had a similar problem. I bought my LE from Guitar Center ... it was version 1.51!!! So old, the box said Nemesys on it instead of Tascam. I tried to register online, and got several \'automated\' responses, but yet everytime I tried to download 1.64, it would tell me I had an invalid SN. After SEVERAL calls to Tascam, I finally got hold of a tech who emailed me the 1.64 update. Keep calling them, it\'s what I had to do.

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    Re: Problems installing GSampler LE and GigaPiano


    Thanks very very much for your reply. I will bug TASCAM as you suggest. I bought the GS from TASCAM, so I don\'t see why there should be a problem. So far, they have not been very responsive to me.


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    Re: Problems installing GSampler LE and GigaPiano

    Allen of TASCAM support fixed the problem for me and I now am a satisfied user of GSampler LE and GPiano. I am very grateful for his good help.

    Allen fixed a glitch so that the Nemesys website recognized my CD key so I could download the update to v. 1.64. I then loaded the Gpiano samples in a way different from the description in the program (which did not work for me.) Here\'s what I did:

    I opened the Instrument Editor from the Start menu (per the progam\'s instructions). Then I hit the load button in the editor. That loaded the 1 Gb Piano sample and the lite version into the Editor. It took a long time but it worked. Then the program saved the 1 GB and lite versions to my hard drive in a directory I selected. Now when I open Gsampler it lists these two pianos in the list of registered instruments.

    Thanks very much to Allen for his help.


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