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Topic: NDB Pipe Organ Samples for GigaStudio 3.0

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    Arrow NDB Pipe Organ Samples for GigaStudio 3.0 video


    Notre Dame de Budapest (NDB) Pipe Organ Samples will be released for GigaStudio 3.0 very soon.

    Please find the links to the trailer video - as a brief demonstration of the library - below (XVID codec, 6 MB and 12 MB download):


    Both files have uncompressed soundtrack. The piece is the first part of Olivier Messiaen's (1908-1992) Messe de la Pentecote, Sortie. It shows many new stops and combinations from the new edition of the library (including Brustwerk Plenum, Brustwerk Tutti, Bassoon 16', Anches 16' 8' 4' Sub+Super, etc.)

    The library will grow to more than double-size compared to its current edition, and will feature lots of new stops and combinations, including those wished on our website forum. The complete list will be published soon.

    Every sample of the library will be in 48 kHz 24 bit, and it will come with both cathedral's measured impulse response in different microphone setups. The library will keep featuring the realtime-controllable swellbox, crescendo and tremolo effect.

    Upgrades for registered users will be available either as

    a FREE download from our website and/or
    for the price of the medium: 30 EUR + shipping

    Best wishes,

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    Re: NDB Pipe Organ Samples for GigaStudio 3.0

    This is a GREAT pipe organ library, just gorgeous. Anyone who is in the market would be very wise to check this one out.

    Every person I've demonstrated this library for has one word to say: WOW.

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    Smile Re: NDB Pipe Organ Samples for GigaStudio 3.0

    This is definitely the best pipe organ sample library...I´m totaly happy with it and very excited with this upgrade...
    ...thank you Csaba!!!

    How many mic. setup will be there???
    Leandro Gardini - classical/orchestral composer

    Pacific Ocean - http://www.pacificocean.com.br

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    Post Re: NDB Pipe Organ Samples for GigaStudio 3.0

    Thanks for all the kind words.
    We currently have dozens of impulse responses from the cathedrals, but we have to choose the best sounding ones. We are planning to add 'directly measured' responses with several others as well combined from them - these will be the 'prepared responses' allowing to create 4.1, 5.1 and 7.1 recordings with the library. Anyway, the amount of such reverb (wet/dry) is always adjustable, so there are infininte possibilities... :-)


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    Re: NDB Pipe Organ Samples for GigaStudio 3.0

    Yeah, it's incredible! I was totally blown away when I got it.

    Csaba, I can never get to the website, always seems to be down.

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    Post Re: NDB Pipe Organ Samples for GigaStudio 3.0

    Christo, you are not the only one who could not reach the website. Could you help us a little bit? The product website is stored on Shirokma's main server at If you could trace it (tracert.exe in WinXP) and drop me an email with the last router where it stops, we can then contact the service provider.


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