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Topic: GPO and Macs

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    GPO and Macs

    I just noticed from the features page that Cubasis included with GPO does not work for Mac. For Mac users, is there anything that can be used to take its place within the package, or do we have to buy something seperate? If we do have to buy something extra, what programs are recommended?

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    Re: GPO and Macs

    (Bump. Does anyone have an answer? Thanks-)

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    Re: GPO and Macs

    Quote Originally Posted by JaredC
    (Bump. Does anyone have an answer? Thanks-)
    At present there is no Mac equivalent of Cubasis bundled with GPO.

    I suggest you have a look at a program called Tracktion,

    I evaluated quite a few possible candidates a year or so ago, and in my opinion Tracktion was the front runner for Mac. It has the easiest learning curve of any sequencer I've ever seen (I own and use three major programs), and is reasonably competent for the price.


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