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Topic: Alternatives to Gigasampler/Gigapiano on Windows 2000?

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    Alternatives to Gigasampler/Gigapiano on Windows 2000?

    I just bought an Audiophile 2496 card, one of the reasons being that Gigasampler LE was included in the software bundle.

    I planned to buy Gigapiano later on, and install everything in my Windows 2000 machine.

    Well, I already learned that the \"W2K\" logo in the Audiophile box means only that it comes with W2K compatible drivers, and that Gigasampler would not run on Windows 2000.

    At some point in the future, I’ll probably buy Gigastudio (after it is out of Beta status), and Gigapiano.

    Until then, I am looking for advice on alternative software packages that will run on W2K with the Audiophile card.
    I am interested in good quality acoustic piano sounds only.

    The Audiophile software bundle included BitHeadz “Unity Piano”, which sounded quite good.

    In my system it run with many clicks and pops, which I attribute to and old motherboard with a 400Mhz AMD-K6 and only 128 Mbytes memory.

    Has anybody run “Unity Piano” in a better system with good results under Windows 2000?

    Same question regarding the upgrade/full product “Unity DS-1”?

    Same question regarding BitHeadz “Blacks and Whites”?

    Can anybody recommend other sampler for W2K?

    I do not want to go back to Windows 98 or make my system a double boot configuration. I may use a second machine with Windows 98 and Gigasampler if I have no other choice.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Roberto Waltman

    PS: I realize my current machine is underpowered for this application.
    My questions are about the software and OS, since I will still use Win2K after upgrading the hardware.

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    Re: Alternatives to Gigasampler/Gigapiano on Windows 2000?

    GigaSampler LE and GigaSampler 64 will never be Win2k compatible. Version 2.5 of GigaStudio 96 and GigaStudio 160, now in public beta, are Win2k/XP compatable.

    Consider upgrading.

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    Re: Alternatives to Gigasampler/Gigapiano on Windows 2000?

    I would recommend upgrading your computer first before upgrading to GigaStudio. 128 MB is the bare minimum to run Win2K with maybe a word processor. You need at least 256MB to run any music apps on Win2K.

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