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Topic: Authoring DVD's

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    Authoring DVD's

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    Thought I'd tap into your knowledge guys. When authoring DVD's, is it better to have one large clip with chapters, or individual small clips?

    I've got some stuff I want to burn and I've got the menus laid out and everything but the clips on my hard drive (3.9 GB) will not fit once I get ready to burn the disk, it says they'll take 5.1 GB of space. Would I get more out of it if it were one large clip seperated by chapter instead of 26 smaller clips?

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    Re: Authoring DVD's

    If you want a continuous movie, go with one large clip and chapters. If you want separate movies, then use separate clips.

    But it really depends on the authoring software. I've used two different consumer-grade authoring tools, and they're both pretty crummy - but good enough for what I needed to do.

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