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Topic: GS 2.5 polyphony issue

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    GS 2.5 polyphony issue

    Hi folks,

    I have a PIII 1 Ghz with 3 HD\'s of 20 Gig each, one is dedicated to GS 2.5 however, since my audiosystem is heavily tweaked, GS 2.5 advices (recommended setup) just 64 voices ????, my machine is fast enough for 160 voices how can I tune this up? My drives also are more then fast enough????

    Someone can help?


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    Re: GS 2.5 polyphony issue

    you should achieve 160 voices by running GS and entering the Settings-sampler page.

    Once there, push your poliphony voices to 160 and the steal notes to 6 or to the lower setting avaiable.

    If your soundcard is 24bit capable, then turn GS dither off and select \"24bit\" in the hardware routing page.

    Apply all the modifications you make every time you make them and then you should have your GS system ready.

    Hope to have been of some help,

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    Re: GS 2.5 polyphony issue

    Thanks clef, it\'s just when installing it it recommends only 64 voices, I did what you said but isn\'t that pushing it over it\'s limits (forced)?


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    Re: GS 2.5 polyphony issue

    When you first install GSt, the default setting for polyphony is 64, regardless of what your system is.

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