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Topic: Recording Levels in Giga

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    Recording Levels in Giga

    I wanted some advice on setting the recording levels within Gigastudio. I have an Aardvark Pro 24/96 soundcard with a Software Mixer. All my levels in Aardvark Mixer is set to 0db.

    First-should the Midi lets say Channel 1 (Gigapiano) be set to 127 loudest for the best strongest signal? I heard that its best for Midi to be at its loudest when setting up for recording and once recorded as Audio then set your volumes for each instrument.

    2.Under DSP settings I see three tabs the first is INPUTS. They are set at -6 db. The same for AUX BUSSES and MASTER its all set to -6db.

    Question: Can anyone explain to me these 3 tabs responsibilities regarding levels? INPUTS AUX BUSSES and MASTER

    Can you give an example on lets say you want to record Channel 1 Gigapiano with a good strong recording level without distortion.

    Step by step please!

    How do you set all the above mixer settings and why?

    I get low signals and sometimes distortion. Please help explain

    Please shed some light its dark in here!!!


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    Re: Recording Levels in Giga

    Anyone can explain the above question?

    I really need some help, its dark in here.

    Please shed some light!!!!!!


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    Re: Recording Levels in Giga

    Hello caveman,

    The GigaStudio DSP Station is modeled after a mixing board used in professional recording studios and has been a standard for twenty some-odd years. The more you learn about signal path and gain structure, the more you\'ll know about recording with software apps and more importantly your immediate grasp of the functions of the GigaStudio DSP Station.

    MIDI master channel volume (cc7) and Expression (cc11) are functions that affect the loudness of an intrument in 128 equal divisions (0-127). These controllers are applied to any instrument or \"patch\" that happens to be assigned to that channel. Each note-on message that is transmitted on that channel has three parts - note#, velocity, and duration. The most significant part of the MIDI note-on message is the velocity which can be 0-127.

    So MIDI volume and audio volume are both applied differently, and have their own considerations. Here is an overview of the signal path of a Gig instrument on channel one:

    MIDI note on velocity (perhaps 100)
    MIDI master channel volume (say 90 -default in GS)
    MIDI expression (maybe 127)

    (all MIDI controllers are assignable from the MIDI keyboard controller and/or sequencer)

    DSP Station settings:

    Mixer inputs 1/2 -6dB (default setting)
    Aux Buss returns -6dB (default setting)
    Master outputs 0dB (default setting)

    The reason the Mixer and Aux Buss settings are -6 by default is to prevent overload and subsequent distortion as a result. Digital audio signals have an additive signal that will quickly overload if not \"attenuated\" with some judicious monitoring and mixing.

    Therefore the answer is, it all depends. You can start with a MIDI channel volume of 127 and default settings in the DSP Station. If you have distortion reduce the MIDI channel volume until your signal is nice and full and clean.


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    Re: Recording Levels in Giga

    Thanks for the valuable info

    Its lighter in here now



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