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Topic: when will it end ?

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    when will it end ?

    ok, i had a pc system built for gigastudio 160 v2.01.35. it has a p4 1.5ghz and 2 x hard drives 40 and 60 gig, and 1gig ram .
    The diagnostic on gigstudio says i have a p3 425mhz and 2x20 gig hard drives .I haven`t tried playing anything yet as it its taken this long to set up . i have also been given an invalid registration number on the CD so i cant register ! I loaded the gigpiano and it took up 5% of the CPU memory which suggests that it really is only seeing a 20 gig hardrive .
    Has anybody any idea ? is it a P4 problem ?
    I`m at my wits end .


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    Re: when will it end ?

    This is somewhat odd behavior, however, some people have reported receiving incorrect reports on CPU usage, etc. on faster machines. So your issues might be fixed by either the current or an upcoming software update. The 5% memory usage is not a reference to your hard drive. It refers to RAM that Giga is using to preload samples. Are your hard disk sizes being correctly reported in other applications? If so, Giga will likely be able to use them even if it is not reporting them.

    Tascam should be able to help you with your serial number. Meanwhile, how is Giga running? Are you able to get the polyphony you need? That\'s the most important thing.

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    Re: when will it end ?

    Why haven\'t you updated to v2.2?

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    Re: when will it end ?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Bill:
    Why haven\'t you updated to v2.2?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    because I only just bought it and I have been given an invalid reg number .you have to register before you can update i think .


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    Re: when will it end ?

    2.5 is not sold yet, because it is not released yet. Tascam is proberly not gonna sell a beta version.

    Maybe the diags are just reporting it wrong. Why don\'t you try if it works??

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    Re: when will it end ?

    If you just bought it, why didn\'t they sold ya 2.5?

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    Re: when will it end ?

    Joris, I have it and it\'s new features are close to zero. It says TASCAM in the bootscreen, I guess that\'s all


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