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Topic: MIDI timing problems

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    MIDI timing problems

    I\'m having some problems with the C-Port. I\'m using it with GigaStudio and Logic on a PIII 866mhz computer with Win 98 SE. Everything\'s running fine, but I\'m getting a tiny bit of latency when using GigaStudio. I do a lot of R&B tracks, so the timing has to be perfect. I\'m not playing any audio tracks when this is happening.

    What happens is this:

    I\'m playing all my drums through Gigastudio and some synth stuff from my Roland JV-2080. I\'ve noticed that the drums are slightly ahead of the beat. If I pull all the drums back so that for example, the kick starts at bar, and so on, it syncs fine with the JV. If I leave everything on bar, the drums are that small fraction in front of the beat.

    I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the drivers, but that didn\'t work.

    What should I do to stop this from happening?

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    Re: MIDI timing problems

    I thought this was perfectly normal behaviour of MIDI/GS? I am running GS on a separate computer and I dont get tight MIDI timing, e.g. if I triggre two different kickdrums at the same time I cant be sure it´ll sound the same each time, so I stopped doing beats that have to be perfect in GS. You´re running GS on the same machine though, so MIDI timing should be more precise. However, there is latency in GS and you have to compensate for it in your sequencer.

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    Re: MIDI timing problems

    Hi Damien

    From your predelay setting of 4.4.219 I assume that you\'re
    runnning a resolution of 240 ppq.
    That gives a delay of close to 40 ms, which
    is wildly excessive. I have a C-Port and
    does\'nt get delay\'s anywere near 40 ms, more
    like 5 ms.
    Are you using \'Independent\' driver
    mode in the C-Port hardware settings?
    Is the GSIF swithed on?
    What kind of sync are you using in Logic?

    I\'m using independent driver mode, so that
    ASIO, MME and GSIF drivers don\'t conflict
    and I\'m using Sync-to-audio in the sequencer.


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    Re: MIDI timing problems

    I\'m using the Indepdent mode and am using Internal Sync in Logic. How does Sync-To-Audio work?

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    Re: MIDI timing problems

    I imagine Sync-to-Audio hooks the sequencer
    to a wav files sampling rate or something like that.
    By the way I have sometimes experienced
    delay\'s on my Midi-In on the C-Port - I think
    that has something to do with the midi drivers of the DSP24 or the order of which the multitude of drivers are loaded - if I restart the PC it goes away.

    Could you send me a screendump of your
    DSP24 hardware settings (1 and 2nd screen)?
    Email: bjk@ecsoft.dk

    I can you my setup as well.

    Surely it should\'t be 40 ms delay - must be
    a cure for that. :-)


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    Re: MIDI timing problems

    How do you do a screen dump?

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    Re: MIDI timing problems

    There\'s a key on the upper right side of your PC keyboard \"Print Screen\" or \"Prt Sc\", or whatever.

    If you press this key, the entire screen is captured and placed as a bitmap on the clipboard. You don\'t see anything yet, the clipboard is just a hidden storage feature for exchanging data between and within applications.

    Now, if you now start Paint (or Word, or another graphics-capable application) you can paste (inser) the image into a document. The Paste command can be found in the Edit Menu of these apps).

    Paint can be started from the Windows Start menu, sub menu Programs, sub menu Accessories.

    Finally, save the image, e.g. withing Paint as a BMP file (bitmap). You can send the bitmap through e-mail as an attachment.

    Often the combination \"Alt key down + Print Screen\" is more handy. It captures the active window only.

    This should help, if not let me know.

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    Re: MIDI timing problems

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Damian Smith:
    How do you do a screen dump?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Never mind - we can just list up the parameters - here\'s my values for the
    DSP24 Hardware settings:

    Driver version : 6.02.0123
    ASIO Latency : 11 ms
    Convert resolution: 24-bit

    Clock Setting:
    Allow operation when data exceeds converter resolution is checked.
    Internal Master Clock i swithed on with
    44,100 hz
    Reset Rate After Play is checked.

    Device Settings:
    MME/ASIo Buffer is set to 512 samples and
    the wavedriver to 12 ms.
    Multitrack wave drivers is set for Independent.
    I have Out 1,2, Out 3,4 and Out 5,6 set to
    GSIF, Out 7,8 to MME and S/PDIF to ASIO.

    GSIF(Gigasampler Interface) Enable is Checked.


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