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Topic: gigasample and sonar

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    gigasample and sonar

    hi ..
    i have Terratec 24/96 soundcard, Gigasampler and Sonar. I want to record gigasampler sounds in sonar, is it possible? At the moment im using external wave-editor to record gigasampler sounds. Also is it possible to record e.g guitar or bass while playing gigasampler sounds at the same time? i make drums and some keyboard sounds with gigasampler and i want to record guitar while drumtrack is playing.
    thanks a lot.

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    Re: gigasample and sonar

    Hi Aava,

    I have the EWX 24/96, GS LE & CakeWalk Pro 7.

    I want to record gigasampler sounds in sonar, is it possible? At the moment im using external wave-editor to record gigasampler sounds.

    A similar question was asked on the Northern Sounds BB today, see EchoPeter\'s post. The answer is to run patch cables from the card\'s outputs to the card\'s inputs. So your signal will be digital/analogue/digital.
    If you upgrade to GigaStudio you will get the \"capture to wave\" facility currently disabled in GS LE

    My aims are the same as yours: backing tracks with live guitar. As far as I\'m aware, this can\'t be done with GS LE because LE limits you to two output ports only. To record guitar you\'d need extra ports. These are only enabled with the upgrade.

    If anybody knows a way around this, or can refute my statement, please let us both know. I\'ve got some ace backing tracks written that are crying out for my electric guitar to play along with


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    Re: gigasample and sonar

    Looks I was a bit too liberal with the Cristmas Spirit!

    That should read:

    See EnochPeter\'s post!

    Peace to all from DownUnder...


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    Re: gigasample and sonar

    Oh boy - what have I been smoking???

    Let\'s make that EnochPeter\'s post on TASCAM\'s GigaSampler BB!

    I hope I haven\'t confused the living daylights out of you Aava. I think I\'d better have an early night tonight...


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    Re: gigasample and sonar

    hmmmm... =)
    sounds ..umh ...interesting....
    24/96 has L/R analog out / analog in and
    optical in/out ... so exactly how the patching must be done?

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    Re: gigasample and sonar

    Hi Aava,

    The post from EnochPeter on TASCAM\'s BB (see post dated 12/28/01) refers to his Layla audio card. I don\'t know if the Layla has optical in/out like the EWX24/96 does.

    I would suggest trying both analogue and digital patching and compare the results.

    My EWX24/96 came complete with a 2m-long optical cable, so for me it\'s possible to patch optical-out to optical-in. I won\'t have time until the week end to experiment with this option. I\'m sure that using the optical connections would reduce the possibility of loss of signal compared with the analogue in/out route.

    I apologise for the confusing posts earlier Aava, but I regularly visit the TASCAM and Northern Sounds bulletin boards, both of which are excellent sources of information for the novice GS-user. I guess I just got confused as to where I\'d seen EnochPeter\'s post.

    What are your impressions of the DXi SoftSynths that are bundled with Sonar? Do they compare with GS?


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