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Topic: can't join TASCAM forum?

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    can\'t join TASCAM forum?

    You can register but it won\'t send you your password. It\'s too bad, that forum gets more traffic than this one it seems.

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    Re: can\'t join TASCAM forum?

    The forum doesnt have halft the traffic of this one - it does however have more traffic by Tascam guys Anyway I had the same problem so I contacted them and they sent me my password.

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    Re: can\'t join TASCAM forum?

    I contacted one of the moderators and got no response. Maybe I\'ll try someone else. I haven\'t seen the site stats but it just seems like there are more replies going on there. At any rate there\'s alot of people with Egosys cards like myself at that forum.

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    Re: can\'t join TASCAM forum?

    Hi Muzexia,

    try this custser@teac.com or custser@tascam.com (if you haven\'t already). I had the same problem but it got sorted out after a couple of days, and they sent me a password.
    Good luck!

    BTW, I just got a Wamirack myself - haven\'t used it yet, tho - still building my dedicated PC...



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