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Topic: More than 8 audio outputs with GS

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    More than 8 audio outputs with GS

    I am attempting to use more than 8 Audio outputs with GS 96.

    I have 2 WamiRack96 (in theory 16 outputs) on the same system. I have tried multiple configurations of versions of GigaStudio and WamiRack drivers.

    In all cases, even though the OS (Win98SE or XP) is able to see the 16 audio outputs, GS is only enabling one of the 2 cards.

    Has anybody sucessfully setup more than 8 audio outputs using 2 audio interfaces on the same machine ?

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    Re: More than 8 audio outputs with GS

    Hello eschalit,

    GigaStudio can only utilize one GSIF driver at a time. If the sound card(s) have a driver capable of managing multiple cards then you can do this. I do not think the WamiRack is such a card. There are some cards that do support this. Anyone else care to speak up that is using such a setup?


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    Re: More than 8 audio outputs with GS

    I use the MOUT2408mkII. The reason I choose this one was because I needed more outputs. It has 8 analog in/out and 16 adat in/out.

    As far as I know you can also get two extra 2408mkII output expanders, giving a total of 24 analog in/out.

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    Re: More than 8 audio outputs with GS

    The GSIF Audio-CH can\'t be expanded! When you need more individual audio-CH for Giga-Mixing, you need to invest onto another single GSIF-SoundCard, which is supported more GSIF-audio-CH like Lunar2/pulsar2 from Creamware, it has up to 32 GSIF-Audio-CH (16 stereo), for example.
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: More than 8 audio outputs with GS

    Actually I believe the WamiRack is capable of doing it. It has a \"link up\" cable that physically connects both cards.

    Unless this is only for digital sync (could be)

    Really...I am an Idiot

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