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Topic: Strange Patch Change

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    Strange Patch Change

    Any idea why...when I load one particular instrument in a GS96 performance...the computer soon changes it to another particular instrument in my library. No matter which channel I place it in. GS is running with Cakewalk, and I\'ve found no patch change instructions that could account for the problem.
    I run GS and CW on a P3 450 and (amazingly enough) everything else seems to run just as it should.

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    Re: Strange Patch Change

    In the Cakewalk, there is an intial patch and bank changed for each individual MIDI-track. whenever you load or re-start cakewalk-project, it sends the patch info. to Giga. To disable this, you must change all track-property: Bank=NONE and Patch=NONE.
    Also, check the Project-property, MIDI-OUT option as well.
    Hope this helps.

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