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Topic: a little click and pop philosophy

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    a little click and pop philosophy

    Hi to all, especially those of us going through the much too often \"click and pop, I can\'t get all my polyphony\" blues.

    I have just come out of the other end of my latest, and want to share more philosophy than specific fixes, because I think that will be more helpful.

    Here\'s what I learned this round, it is all just my opinion:

    1) There are so many factors that affect GStudio playback quality that no one knows what will definitely fix anyone else’s specific problems. This most especially includes Nemesys and Tascam, but also all of the wonderful users that have contributed very well organized advice.
    2) Now that I\'ve said that, I will qualify it. No one else’s \"specific\" advice or fix will necessarily help you, but contained within all of that advice, are the elements that will eventually lead you to your fix.
    3) Some of the \"fixes\" will actually make your situation much worse. Some will help.
    4) When the fix finally shows up, you may not know exactly what it was that did the trick, but don\'t feel foolish, I don\'t think anyone else does either. At least I have never spoken or corresponded with anyone who had all of the answers all of the time. The problem\'s permutations are so vast as to be functionally infinite and until we meet that omniscient techy in the Buddha Pure Land we will never have all the answers, even after we have a fix.

    So here\'s my latest fix:

    1) I ended up back at GStudio 200.116. Previously I had moved all the way up to 2.5 Beta. Now I\'m not saying this is even part of the fix, I\'m just reporting the facts ma\'m
    2) I moved my NIC card over one slot which as far as I can tell didn\'t change any IRQs, but I may have missed something.

    So there you go. Nothing conclusive, but on GigaPiano, I went from clicks and pops and weird release looping type stuff at around 100 voices, to rock solid 158 voices AND I can minimize GStudio and open other disks in Windows Explorer, be on the Internet, and have my NIC plugged in, no problem.Matter of fact I am playing 158 sustained voices of GigaPiano as I type this and send it out.

    So when it\'s solid it\'s really solid, and when it\'s not it\'s a very scary, tedius and basically unchartable territory. All I can say is hang in there and keep trying and contact all the other folks who have been through it before. The answer IS out there somewhere. Just remember it may not be anything like you think it is when you find it.Even worse you may have no idea what actually fixed it.


    Has anyone else noticed that GStudio does almost no hard disk accessing at certain times (like right now when it\'s behaving) and at other times is accessing like crazy (like when it\'s not behaving)? It accesses when the samples are played for the very first time, but even after I exit GStudio and load it up again, it still does no disk acces during playback, but when it was misbehaving it accessed all the time....hmmmmm....one more piece of the puzzle.


    Bruce Bowers

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    Re: a little click and pop philosophy

    Hi Bruce,

    Well I agree. Thanks for the great attitude about all the frustration we all have to put up with. I could sometimes just scream when all this software we use is as uncompatible and indecipherable and as variable as it can all be at times.

    But I appreciate your encouragement and your take on the reality of it all.

    So thanks.

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