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Topic: Another new work!

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    Another new work!

    Hey all,

    Just finished a short orchestral overture. I\'m still not terribly good with editing MIDI data so, you\'ll have to forgive that but any tips are welcome.

    It\'s about 3 minutes long and is designed to open a performance. It\'s all GPO and scored for woodwinds by three. Let me know what you think. When you get to the page just click the link.


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    Re: Another new work!

    Three minutes and nine seconds I\'ll be here all night with dial up. Unfortunately, I will have to wait till the morning at work. I don\'t know what we have but I can download three minutes and nine seconds of music in about 28 seconds. Hear ya tomorrow morning!

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    Re: Another new work!

    I like it!

    It\'s not all that \"Blitzkrieg-y\" to me, but very interesting nonetheless, especially the recurrent odd-meter motif: 4/4, 6/8, 4/4, 6/8, 4/4, 6/8, 4/4, 9/8. It gives it a nice quirky, off-balance feel, and then the 9/8 at the end of the phrase stretches it even further (sort of like Dave Brubeck\'s Blue Rondo a la Turk).

    The form works quite well. Also, excellent use of percussion.

    Can you list the instrumentation?

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    Re: Another new work!

    Very interesting. For some reason I get a sense of Prokofiev in this with his playfull side. I like it very much

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    Re: Another new work!

    Very cool, I like the meter changes, kept me on my toes. It\'s nice to hear something with odd / changing meters -- it\'s the only kind of rhythm that can keep my interest these days, and surprisingly few composers are writing it.

    Nice colors and subtle changes in the orchestrations--you managed to be repetitive without being boring.

    The flute tag at the very end is nice, but please, please change the final cadence! The whole piece has a cool harmonic sensibility--it\'s not very far out, but it\'s just fresh enough that it manages to live in its own unique harmonic space. Ending a corny V-I sounds out of character and almost discredits the entire piece... I\'d suggest just messing around with those two chords and coming up with something that fits better with the harmonic content of the rest of the work.

    Other than that, I liked it a great deal... good work,

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    May 2004

    Re: Another new work!

    hi guys, glad you liked it.

    The Blitzkrieg title was more for the idea of the tactic itself; fast, short, and doesn\'t really let up the whole time. But I can see how the initial thought would be for WW2. Maybe I\'ll change the title.

    I\'ll consider the cadence suggestion. The reason it\'s there is because the whole thing revolves around the idea of the bass moving I-v and the upper voices moving v-I at the same time. Hence the V-I made sense but, maybe I should have kept the v instead of V at the end. Either that or bVII. I\'ll play with it.


    Flute Solo Vibrato
    Flute Ens.
    Flute Solo Flutter
    Oboe 2 Modern Solo
    Oboe 1 Modern Ens.
    English Horn 2 Solo
    B-flat Clarinet Solo
    B-flat Clarinet Ens.2
    Bass Clarinet Solo
    Bassoon 1 Ens.1
    Contrabassoon 1 Solo

    French Horn 1 Ens.1
    French Horn 2 Ens.1
    F Horn Forte Overlay
    F Horn Fortissimo Overlay
    Trumpet 1 Ens.1
    Trumpet Overlay
    Tenor Trombone Ens.1
    T-bone Overlay
    Tuba 1 Solo
    Tuba Overlay

    Timpani EX
    Perc Toys
    Bass Drum

    Violin 1 Sus+
    Violin 3 Solo (doubling 1st section)
    Violin 2 Sus+
    Vionlin 1 Solo (doubling 2nds)
    Violin 1 and 2 Pizzicato
    Violin 1 Trills (both whole and half - I suppose I could have used the keyswitch)
    Viola Sus+
    Viola Solo (doubling section)
    Viola Pizz
    Cello Sus+
    Cello Solo (doubling section)
    Cello Pizz
    Basses Sus+
    Bass Solo (doubling section)
    Bass Pizz

    The actual scoring is for woodwinds by three.

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