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Topic: Kompakt in Logic-multi channel midi control?

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    Kompakt in Logic-multi channel midi control?

    Hi ,
    Am trying to use Kompakt as a plugin in Logic (to have a multi channel sampler on board, as opposed to EXS, which is single ).
    I have Kompakt on 1 instrument track. I cabled a Multi Inst midi box to it in the environment.
    Set each of the 8 ports of Kompakt to their respective midi channels. Put each of the 8 midi tracks in Arrange and all is good.
    Except, when I apply midi volume or other midi control to one of the midi tracks (not the instrument track), it affects the instrument track fader along with the current midi track selected. How do I get discreet midi control over the individual ports in the softsynth, without affecting the instrument track Kompakt is inserted into?

    Thanks for any help

    Logic Pro 6.4.1
    G5 dual OSX

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    Re: Kompakt in Logic-multi channel midi control?

    Do a google search for suspended animation and track down the leading research team in this field. Ask them to use all the current technology at their disposal to put you into a state of deep REM until which time Logic 7 comes out and solves this issue. Awaken refreshed into a new world of possibilities.


    for the time being use cc#11 to control your individual midi track volumes.

    I have also toyed with the option on the kompakt player itself. Highlight the instrument slot you want to affect then click on the \"pitch mod\" on the bottom left of the player. Rinse , lather, repeat. It offers the option of routing vol to the modwheel. (assuming of course that it is not a xfd patch where you wouldn\'t want to). I haven\'t dug in too much but I am assuming that the midi data will be drawn to the corresponding midi track. Not 100% this is a workaround yet. Let us know.


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    Re: Kompakt in Logic-multi channel midi control?

    Don\'t cable a MultiInstrument to it and don\'t wait for Logic 7. Instead, use 16 objects, all set to the same AudioInstrument (in the Cha box) but each set to a different MIDI channel. It helps to set up a new layer in the Environment for Kontakts, since these faders can create a lot of clutter if you don\'t set them up properly.

    Then you can route those channel strips to different outputs. But their faders are all locked together, so you have to use CC#11 to adjust the volumes independently (or do it in Kontakt).

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    Re: Kompakt in Logic-multi channel midi control?

    Thanks very much. Much better solution. I appreciate the advice.

    Take care.

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