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Topic: can anyone explain vstack?

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    can anyone explain vstack?

    I want to do all my sequencing in Digital Performer on the MAC, and I want to use multiple instances of the Kontakt player in a separate PC where GPO resides. I am limitied to 32 channels of midi going into the PC because the soundcard has just two midi inputs. Is it possible to send these midi channels from the MAC to the PC and use the Kontakt Studio version? The folks at NI told me that the studio version only responds to notation programs, which I am not intersted in. I read some posts on the NI thread that leads me to believe that using the PC in \"vstack\" might allow this. I just don\'t know what Vstack is. Thanks

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    Re: can anyone explain vstack?

    V-Stack is basically a multi-channel VST Instrument host, which will work with as many MIDI and Audio channels as your hardware supports (and your CPU will handle).

    I am doing exactly what you describe. I do my sequencing in DP4 runnning on a Dual-G4, while GPO is installed on a Shuttle XPC P4 2.6 GHz, with a Steinberg VSL2020 sound card. The VSL2020 came with V-Stack, and the latest version (1.2) is working well, so that is what I am using, but there are other options for your host program. I believe that GPO Studio is actually a customized version of Plogue Bidule, which is at this point beta freeware:

    http://www.plogue.com/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=11&a mp;Itemid=28

    I also experimented with Tracktion as a GPO host, it\'s a very clever audio sequencer program that doesn\'t cost an arm and a leg. Actually, I run another instance of Kontakt and various softsynths on my G4 PowerBook using Tracktion. It is now distributed by Mackie:


    The VSL2020 card has only one MIDI port, so I added a M-Audio 2x2 USB interface to my PC, for a total of 48 MIDI channels, into three instances of Kontakt (in V-Stack) loaded with GPO sounds...plus 16 on my PowerBook...makes for a pretty complete palette, and everything is running smoothly...without bogging down my main computer.


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    Re: can anyone explain vstack?

    Hi Brian, check your PM, thanks

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    Re: can anyone explain vstack?


    I use V-Stack as well, running on my GigaStudio machine, for GPO. Conceptually it\'s identical to running GigaStudio, sequenced from your Mac, only difference is that you load VST\'s (like GPO Kontakt Player, or Kontakt) instead of samples. I too used Bidule on the PC, during the GPO library development. I now prefer V-Stack routinely.


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