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Topic: polyphony...

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    is the polyphony in GigaStudio just a function of the version (96 vs. 160)?
    Or is the hardware a limiting factor (sound card, processor, memory...)?

    I have the GigaStudio 96 and thought that this would be way enough... but now in my first experiments, the voices peak out at 96, and I hear a lot of notes being cut off... even as the voice indicator seems still to be below the peak (around 50-70). Of course, there are probably many additional notes due to layering of the sounds.


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    Re: polyphony...

    The 96 and 160 numbers are limits set by the software but, judging by the number of people whose hardware can\'t make it to the full 96 or 160 glitch free (including mine), it\'s certainly highly dependent on hardware, too.

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    Re: polyphony...

    so I guess the only way to find out is to buy/install the 160 version and see if the problems go away...

    I am running a PIII, 933MHz, 512MB, so I would assume that the hardware side provides plenty of horsepower...

    The GigaSamples I am using are the Garritan Strings. There are often 8 voices taken by a single note, due to layering. And when notes overlap, and reverb is on, I can imagine that the system gets easily overloaded...

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    Re: polyphony...

    Y\'know what\'s odd? I get closer to 160 with a general-use, OC\'ed Win98 setup than my music teacher does on his true editing comp. It\'s just a 700E@933, Asus P3V4X motherboard, with 256 megs RAM and an original SB Live.

    Funny, huh? Just thought it\'s weird.

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    Re: polyphony...

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Reinhold:
    And when notes overlap, and reverb is on, I can imagine that the system gets easily overloaded...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    There are some who like and some who hate the Giga Reverb plug-in. But no matter what your opinion, the reverb sucks processing power. I have never been able to use even one reverb in a polyphony intensive piece. The symptom is that there is an apparent slowing down of the computer running GigaStudio.

    I am running a VIA chip set on a PIII 800MHz machine. Therefore, part of my problem may be a bottle-neck in accessing RAM (768Mb). Still the reverb seems to suck the life out of the system.


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    Re: polyphony...

    Another thought...the performance of your MIDI interface can affect polyphony. For instance, I have a 1000 mHz Athlon that topped out at about 140 notes, substantially less (less than 100) if the notes were struck simultaneously. Above 140 there were massive droupouts of something like 60 notes at once! I found that the onboard MIDI port was junk. I replaced it with another interface and instantly got 160 notes cleanly, no dropouts.

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    Re: polyphony...

    thanks for your comments!

    Midi interface: I am using an old \"OpCode Midi Translator\" (2in,2out) for the printer port... I read somewhere that these printer interfaces are faster than USB interfaces (in terms of latency)...

    reverb: I use the plugin reverb module NFX1 - sounds ok for my purpose, and I did not see any significant influence on the cpu load.

    my solution for now: for the final master mix, I record each voice separately. That means I have to run the sequencer five times, and capture the audio into separate tracks; but that is ok - allows me to do some multi-track audio post-editing.

    another issue: significant audible latency. Have not measured it - but since I capture into separate audio tracks, and since the latency seems to be constant, I just shift the captured autio tracks a little back after the recording, to bring them in sync with the other synths in my setup.

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    Re: polyphony...

    If you are able to get your systen to run to 160 poly, that is as much poly you will get.. Similar to the 96 version, I have the 160 version it cuts notes off when going over the poly..
    Ram and really good drives are the only answer to get high poly.. I run 98se, 512 ram and 1 ata100 C:/ drive and 2 ata100 drives off a raid card(Raid 0) for the D:/ drive.. Latency is great, and I get the 160 voices no problem.. Serial midi modules work great.. Usb screw ups are really just windoze limitations. When I go to Xp, I may try my Midisport 8X8 usb, it understands Usb much better.
    Man I have Xp pro on this my(internet) system.. Is it nice.
    I was online downloading, burning, had microsoft office, word, a cd playing in the rom, email, all open at the same time.. No crash at all.

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