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Topic: Bardstown Bosendorfer crackle

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    Bardstown Bosendorfer crackle

    I\'m playing the Bardstown Bosendorfer in Kontakt 1.5 with the DFD plugin, and two notes give me a crackle when I play them: A0 and E2. So I went into the sample folders and started playing the samples through Winamp, and sure enough, there were the crackles. Er, what\'s the deal?

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    Re: Bardstown Bosendorfer crackle

    hi kogase,

    have you asked the developer?



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    Re: Bardstown Bosendorfer crackle

    It's clean by me. You should post in the Sample Libraries forum. Kip will pop in their. His tech support is super.

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    Re: Bardstown Bosendorfer crackle

    This is an old issue, discussed many times on this forum: these samples are clean, there is no distortion in any of the samples. Just load them in an audio editor and check.
    Any distortion you experience is likely caused by your system. You are either overloading the soundcard or have a clock problem. The Bardstown website offers some help in this...

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