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Topic: How I got out of GS trouble!

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    How I got out of GS trouble!

    I have GigaStudio since about 2 month. It runs on a dedicated Pentium 4/1500 with 1 GB RAM, configurated (at first....)with the recommendation of Tascam. I use GS in combination with Logic Audio which runs on a Mac. The PC has a Delta 10/10 Soundcard and the Mac a Motu 2408. On the Mac Side is a MIDI Time Piece and on the PC a Ego-Sys Miditerminal 4140. I bought Garritan GigaStrings (best library ever!) and a few other GS sound Libraries. So my investment comes altogether to about (just for the GS System) 12.000 USD. And for two month I had to deal with pops, clicks, digital distortion and quitting of the soundcard about every 2 minutes! Since the help of Tascam (sorry) was not very brilliant, and also since I know from this and another Forum that I am not the only one with such difficulties, I thought I write how I got out of it.
    First I did initialize both of my PC harddisks and reinstalled Windows 98. Then I configurated the system after the recommendation of Alberto Rizo Schettino, http://www.albertorizoschettino.com and Tom Hopkins from Garittan Strings, who both where of great help-and to which I\'d like to express my thanks-and installed the latest drivers on the Delta 10/10. I also did increase the sample buffer to 20 ms on this soundcard. Then I did install one sound library at a time and did try after every load if every thing was working. It did actually stopped working after loading the Peter Siedlazcek Advance Orchestra GigaSampler version. I did eliminate this library and the system was working again.

    And today, maybe it is my Xmas present :-), every thing is working fine. I hope it stays like this for a long time and whish to all others, who are having bad problems with GS, to also be successful in resolving the problems.

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    Re: How I got out of GS trouble!

    Alberto Rizzo Schettino expresses his gratitude and his pleasure in reading how good his pages are for musicians around the world.

    his web site correct url is: www.albertorizzoschettino.com

    his regards and mine,

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