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Topic: Echo Gina24 and Mia cards

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    Echo Gina24 and Mia cards

    I currently have GS160 on a P4 (2.8, W2k, 2 gigs of ram) and an Echo Gina24 card. I also want to run GS on a second computer, use an Echo MIA card in it, and route the sound back into the Gina24 on the first machine.

    Does anyone see any problems or issues with connecting these two cards? Any known issues? Does anyone use such a combination? Any suggestions here?



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    Re: Echo Gina24 and Mia cards

    Thats exactly what I use.

    Main machine: Gina 24
    GS Machine: Mia (not the Mia Midi. I don\'t know what issues that may bring ,if any)

    I route the mia back to Gina with SPDIF

    Works Great!

    You must set your GS to the desired sample rate/ bit depth and then use the control panel on your main machine (Gina24) to set your SPDIF sync to External.


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    Re: Echo Gina24 and Mia cards

    Thanks Brian.

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    I once tried connecting my mia to my mona via spdif and got snap crackle pop. A friend of mine tried the same thing with his Layla and Mia - got the same result. The noises were occasional (not more than once in 5 minutes), but there were happening. Maybe you will have better luck...

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