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Topic: msg32 error

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    msg32 error

    Very frustrating.
    I have a song in Sonar.
    I have only two reverb (on AUX bus)
    When I added two chorus effects
    and played the song the CPU load was almost 50%,
    peak number of voices was about 90.
    After 20 seconds the system hangs up with a MSG32.exe error
    MSG32 caused an invalid page fault in
    module WSTRM32.DLL at 017f:baa03d58.
    Registers: .... etc........
    Now I followed all the TAscam tips and completely disabled the graffic acceleration.
    The cPU load went down to 40% but ALLAS.
    After about two minutes of playback ... same thing.
    Tried again and again,
    always two minutes of playback and
    So I removed one chorus effect, load went down by another 5%
    and things work OK.
    But its frustrating.
    I cannot use the effect
    and cannot freely do what I want.
    I have Win98, Pentium 3, 1000 Hz, 500 MB RAM
    and Aardvark Aark 24 sound card.
    Can anybody help?

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    Re: msg32 error

    I had a similar problem and noticed that a voice in system.ini was causing it: it was \"MINTIMESLICE=40\". I removed it and the errors were gone, I enabled it and the errors appeared again.

    I would suggest you to use MSCONFIG.EXE to disable every command line in system.ini (you can also put a ; before the command line to disable it), then if the error goes away, try to enable the commands one at a time: you will easily discover what is causing the system errors.

    Hope to have been useful,
    merry Christmas!

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    Re: msg32 error

    Can the one who tried to answer me post his answer again
    because the reply was empty.

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    Re: msg32 error

    I managed to read the answer
    I will try
    Merry Christmas

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