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Topic: recommended memory usage?

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    recommended memory usage?

    In Gigastudio96, I created a performance file which shows 95% of memory utilization (total of 512 MB). After playing for about 10 minutes (fed by external MIDI input), suddenly the sound changes into noise, and Gigastudio cannot be played anymore. I have to go into the Settings/Sampler menu and change any of the settings there; after clicking the \"Apply\" button, the sound creation is reset, and Gigastudio works again fine for about 10 minutes.

    A similar thing happens when I don\'t play music at all: after some idle time, none of the instruments can be played anymore, and I have again to do the \"reset\" trick.

    I have come to suspect that the high memory utilization could be the reason (I suspect some automatic swapping under Windows98SE is the reason). I have other performance files with 50% utilization, where this behavior never occured.

    So my question: is there any recommendation on how much memory should be used as a maximum? Theoretically that would be 100%, but already at 95% there are these problems...


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    Re: recommended memory usage?

    I don\'t think GigaStudio\'s memory-meter bothers about how much memory is used for anything else but your samples - for example you should calculate in the amount of VCache your system uses - that will detract from the amount of physical memory you can use for GS. Normally I try to stay below 80-85% mem usage, which hasn\'t been a problem so far with a 1GB memory setup.

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    Re: recommended memory usage?

    I also try to keep memory utilization under 85% and preferably under 80%. It appears my system maxes out at about 85% and then I get MSG32 errors. As long as I stay below 80% I never have problems.

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    Re: recommended memory usage?

    I removed step by step some of the gig files, and the more I removed, the longer the time span was, in which everything worked fine. Right now I am at about 88% - still no problems.

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