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Topic: Where should I buy computer parts from?

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    Where should I buy computer parts from?

    So I have this laundry list of computer parts I\'m looking to buy (memory, hard drives, etc, etc) for my upcoming Gigastudio rigs. It comes out to a little over $5000 based off the prices posted on ZipZoomFly\'s website, which are really really great prices. But I\'d like to see if I can shave another six hundred dollars or so off. Does anyone know of (and more importantly recommend) a computer parts vendor that\'ll cut me a deal with an order that large? Greatly appreciate any advice.


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    Re: Where should I buy computer parts from?

    Just want to say, NEVER EVER buy from Tiger Direct. I use New Egg for my computer parts, but I don\'t think they can beat Zip Zoom Fly except maybe on shipping. They do have free shipping on some items.

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    Re: Where should I buy computer parts from?

    You need Pricewatch.com my man.


    If you haven\'t been to this site before, prepare yourself for awesome deals.

    It lists the lowest prices available on the net, and many retailers make special prices just for Pricewatch to lure you over there. So make sure you click on the links provided in the product listing instead of clicking on the name of the retailer. Half the time the 2 prices will be different because, like I said, retailers give special prices just to be at the top of the list.

    Edit: As far as getting a deal by buying from one retailer, I don\'t think you\'ll save anything beyond finding the best prices at Pricewatch, unless you\'ve already developed a relationship with somebody in particular (i,e. already spent craploads of money somewhere, so they owe you a good price)

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    Re: Where should I buy computer parts from?

    I purchase almost everything from newegg.com. They usually have the lowest prices and their shipping costs are quite low. I usually receive my parts in a couple days.

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