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Topic: Multi-outputs in Kontakt 1.5

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    Multi-outputs in Kontakt 1.5

    Hi all,

    When using Kontakt 1.5 ( standalone) in multis outputs\'s mode, I\'m limited to 12 outputs (in stereo, or mono, or stereo&mono). Does anybody heard about this problem ?

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    Re: Multi-outputs in Kontakt 1.5

    Ok, I\'m going to ask the question differently : Has anybody already used 16 stereo outputs in Kontakt 1.5 ?


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    Re: Multi-outputs in Kontakt 1.5


    the most I\'ve used is 9...but this was as a DXI using Sonar 3.0 Producer in my User Demo call
    \"My Cherie Amour\" for Bardstownaudio.com
    The Kontakt tracks were basically Kip\'s Borsendorfer Piano, Bass (Kip used the Trilogy Bass here) Kip\'s great Archtop Gibson 1948 Guitars and a bunch of Donnie Christian\'s Latin percussion samples..


    Nice to meet you..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Multi-outputs in Kontakt 1.5

    Hello Alan,

    Thanks for reply.
    In a host application, there\'s no problem : I\'ve got all my outputs. It seems that the problem is in the standalone mode.
    Thanks again.

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