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Topic: Help me find this driver!

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    Help me find this driver!

    Hey folks, I\'ve been looking EVERYwhere to find this driver:

    SBLW-9XDRV-1-US (Revision 1)

    Any help would be tremendously appreciated - I\'m trying to help a friend setup Gigastudio, but he uses a Soundblaster Live Value card.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: Help me find this driver!

    I\'ve got my driver CD from the Dell I bought a few years ago. It has the 98/95/NT4 drivers on it. You could try that I guess, if you want too. PM with the details if you want it.

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    Re: Help me find this driver!

    I copied/pasted the driver name (\"SBLW-9XDRV-1-US\") into Google and got this site, among many:


    Try there.

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    Re: Help me find this driver!

    Yes, I\'ve done that also and have come across the same result. The problem is that my friend has Windows XP and all of the drivers that I\'ve come across are for Windows 95/98. Anybody here own standard Soundblaster live cards and have the necessary drivers for Win XP?

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    Re: Help me find this driver!

    To my understanding there isn\'t an XP compatible Soundblaster driver that works with Gigastudio. The driver for 98 works with Gigastudio, but that was the last one to my knowledge. He may have to do a dual boot setup or upgrade his soundcard. Egosys/Audiotrak sells some cheap decent Giga cards HERE My friend had to do this. We just couldn\'t get the Soundblaster to work with Gigastudio under XP.

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    Re: Help me find this driver!

    Creative Labs (the creator of SoundBlaster, Audigy, etc. soundcards) has a Downloads section. There are drivers for all Windows OSes, including XP.


    I don\'t know if any of them are GSIF drivers.

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    Re: Help me find this driver!

    We\'ve looked there already... there are no files to help us out!!

    Woe is us....

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    Re: Help me find this driver!

    Have you tried asking around at nntp://news.creative.com ?
    The link may not work, but you should be able to get on using Outlook Express or Google groups.

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    Re: Help me find this driver!

    As far as I know, the only drivers supporting GS under XP in soundblaster cards are the KX, which you can find here:

    Read carefully xp guide install

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