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Topic: POWERCORE- my audio is popping and crackling.....

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    POWERCORE- my audio is popping and crackling.....

    Hi, I would love some help from any Powercore \'experts\' out there. I recently bought and installed Powercore. At first I was in heaven, but after a few days I am noticing that my audio is starting to pop and crackle with Powercore inserted into the mix. With only one instance open (classic reverb, for example) things sound fine at first, but then after a while I notice some audio degredation. If I then choose a second and third instance of a powercore FX, the degredation gets worse. ANY help or opinions welcome and appreciated.



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    Re: POWERCORE- my audio is popping and crackling.....

    I talked to TC Electronic tech support and after an hour we finally came to the conclusion that the Powercore most likely does not like my older RPC-1 driver and I most likely should buy a new firewire audio interface. I guess I could skip my wedding this September and fork over the cash.


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