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Topic: A couple killer tracks!

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    A couple killer tracks!

    Just wanted to share these with you guys. I think these tracks are awesome... man. Sounds like a live orch., but I\'m not 100% sure.

    From Champions of Norrath:


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    Re: A couple killer tracks!

    It could be libraries, but those solo instruments sound awfully real. Eric Speiers is a composer friend of mine who get\'s a lot of his work done in his home studio and combines a lot of live playing with libraries. It\'s equally hard to tell what\'s live and what\'s not:

    Ancient Runes

    Norath......Is that WoW....EQ?

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    Re: A couple killer tracks!

    It\'s EQ. Actually Champions of Norrath is a hack & slash RPG for PS2, based on the EQ world.

    Yeah, the solo instruments sound quite real. But listen to the strings carefully too.. they have a REALLY authentic sound. It\'s either real, or VSL. Probably the former.

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    Re: A couple killer tracks!

    I only listened to the first one before my previous post. Now that I hear the second one, I think you\'re right. Those strings sound real. Those compositions are of that particular variety that would be well suited for libraries, and some of the best mock-ups I\'ve heard gravitate towards that type of \"soft\" dynamic. Still, you can\'t beat the real thing.

    If it is a library, I want to know which one! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img]

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    Re: A couple killer tracks!

    \"Zur recorded with Hollywood session players in LA for Champions Of Norrath: Realms Of EverQuest\"

    From the Bio of Inon Zur (Composer).


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    Re: A couple killer tracks!

    I chatted with Inon at E3 for a while. Nice guy. Always greets me like a long lost relative. Without a doubt one of the stars of game music. Great music: He is doing well.

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