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Topic: Win2000+Soundblaster+ GigaStudio?

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    Win2000+Soundblaster+ GigaStudio?


    Does anybody know if the combination Win2000, Soundblaster, and GigaStudio will work, using the new GigaStudio beta versions?


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    Re: Win2000+Soundblaster+ GigaStudio?

    Soundblaster with GS160 ---- \"Fahgedaboutit!!\"

    GS160 requires a GSIF compatible soundcard.

    Don\'t hold your breath for Creative Labs to write a GSIF driver for their cards. Soundblaster is fine for light audio duties,
    but for serious work get a card that supports the GSIF driver standard.



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    Re: Win2000+Soundblaster+ GigaStudio?

    I plug one of the outs on my Echo MIA to the Line In on the Live. Works fine for auditioning. Mia\'s are about $179 if you shop around.

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    Re: Win2000+Soundblaster+ GigaStudio?

    Thanks, both of you.

    I am going to set up GigaSampler, or GigaStudio for a friend, using his existing hardware. He is using a Gateway with a built-in Soundblaster card. I have recommended him to go with GigaStudio96 rather than GigaSampler.

    On Nemesys website I found the information that GigaStudio will work with DirectSound drivers, although he will only get two channels out, which is fine for now, until he upgrades his sound card.

    I doesn\'t seem as if it is possible under Win2000, so I will go with Win98.

    Is there anyone who has experience of a setup like this?


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