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Topic: Where to Begin....

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    Where to Begin....

    OK, I received GPO last night and installed and read the manual, but I\'m feeling pretty--okay, completely--at sea. I\'ve always used a sequencer before, but as far as I can tell it\'s not really meant to work with sequencers. Should I learn Overture SE and start from there? Or am I missing something with how it\'s supposed to work with Cubasis? And I don\'t get at all what the mod wheel is supposed to do--is that for use only when you\'re playing from a midi keyboard? Or can it be used on something you\'ve already sequenced? If so, how? Feeling overwhelmed--luckily there\'s a holiday weekend coming up that I can devote to it, but I guess I need some pointers on where to start. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]

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    Re: Where to Begin....

    GPO will work great with any sequencer. Think of it as your voices for the sequencer\'s midi -- you send the signals as MIDI and GPO takes those signals and makes beautiful music.

    I\'m not familiar with Cubasis, but I\'m sure it can use VST plugins, and that\'s one way GPO will work. Essentially you run this VST from inside your sequencer and it becomes the outputs for your MIDI signals. I\'m sure the Cubasis experts can explain it further, but in Sonar (the sequencer I use) it\'s very straightfoward.

    It will work with Overture and Finale as well, but these are notation programs and if you are more comfortable with a sequencer you should use that.

    The mod wheel controls work best for keyboard performance in real time, but there are alternatives if (like me) you\'re not a good keyboard player. On the Garritan site there are plugins which will translate other controls into mod wheel events, even from within your sequencer. Or you can draw the mod wheel events into your sequencer (once again, I could explain how to do this in Sonar but a Cubasis person will tell you later).

    In short -- don\'t feel overwhelmed. There are lots of terrific helpful people on this and other forums (like the Cubasis forums) that can point you in the right direction. Start slow, take an existing sequence you already have done and put the GPO instruments to it and you\'ll see how wonderful it is and how easy it can be done.

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    Re: Where to Begin....

    Check out the Support pages at the Garritan website. Good info on getting GPO to work with Cubasis, and tutorials about the mod wheel and everything else. Or search through the archives here, and you\'ll probably find all the info you need. Any other questions, we\'re here to help.

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    Re: Where to Begin....

    Thanks, Mike. When you say GPO works with any sequencer, is that right? I\'ve always used Digital Orchestrator Plus, but it doesn\'t support plugins and my understanding was that you\'d need a sequencer that does so. I only referenced Cubasis because it\'s what\'s bundled with GPO and figured that would be where I\'d have to start. But if I can truly continue to use my old sequencer that\'s half the battle right there.

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    Re: Where to Begin....

    As long as your sequencer supports midi ports, you can use GPO Studio with it. That is how you deal with sequencers or notation programs that do not support plug-ins.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Where to Begin....

    I\'m not sure what you mean by \"supports MIDI ports.\" How would I know?

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    Re: Where to Begin....

    Does your sequencer have a \"Midi setup\" function? If so, assign the output to the ports that show up after installing and running GPO studio, load some instruments into GPO studio, and play some notes in your sequencer. Make sure that the midi channels match and you\'re in business.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Where to Begin....

    Wonder of wonders! My antique sequencer does in fact support midi port assignment and I was able to do as you suggest.

    Now, how does one associate the GPO sounds with the channels in the sequencer? I\'ve tried loading the appropriate ones into GPO studio but all I get is silence.

    I hope folks will be around the forum this weekend since I\'m going to try to devote all 3 days to getting a handle on this and I\'m sure I will have many many many questions. Thanks for the assistance so far; you guys are great!

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