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Topic: Giga upgrade

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    Giga upgrade

    I\'ve just bought the gst 160 upgrade cd. It doesn\'t come with any instructions, so can anybody tell me whether I just run this cd, or do I have to uninstall giga 96 first? Also the giga piano cd has a blue lable, is this an upgraded piano as well?
    Any help welcome.



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    Re: Giga upgrade

    My gut reaction would be to uninstall GS96...

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    Re: Giga upgrade

    You don\'t have to uninstall Giga 96. Just pop the CD in and it will update everything to 160. You won\'t loose any previous GIG performances either.

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    Re: Giga upgrade

    Apparently Allen over at the Tascam site says you have to uninstall 96 first..
    It\'s up on the gig users forum there..

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    Re: Giga upgrade

    I don\'t very much that you have to uninstall GS 96 first of all... Tascam will undoubtedly use the age old trick of shipping exactly the same product as 160, but with a single parameter hardcoded to 96 controlling your polyphony... this will be why I once got a 128 polyphonic gigasampler when sent a special patch... GS 32/96/160 is just a marketting ploy... and an annoying one too. Why not just punt the same product and let my hardware decide how much polyphony I have???

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    Re: Giga upgrade

    What\'s the point in having an \'upgrade\' CD if you have to uninstall the program?
    I just popped the CD in and it automatically upgraded everything fine. Nothing lost, just 4 more ports and a Chorus and Tap Delay added and 160 voices of polyphony!

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