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Topic: Finale>Cubase/GPO problem: legato phrasing

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    Finale>Cubase/GPO problem: legato phrasing

    Greetings all,

    I am new to Cubase and GPO and an old hand at Finale. I am having trouble adding a MIDI track for sustain pedal data (for legato phrasing) in Cubase (1.051) to MIDI tracks that I have imported from a Finale score. I can add mod wheel data without a problem, and Cubase is definitely \"hearing\" my foot pedal and appears to record the foot pedal track, but when I play back the tracks I still get the tongued/bowed articulation. The strange thing is that I CAN add legato when I record the music directly into Cubase rather than importing it from Finale. If I record directly in Cubase using the sustain pedal or add a MIDI track for sustain data to a track I\'ve recorded directly it works fine, it just won\'t work with MIDI data from Finale.

    I\'ve been careful to make sure that the pedal is set to \"No Sustain / Sustenuto operation, but MIDI controller\" in the GPO options and that I set the controller data track to the same channel/output as the instrument track. Any ideas? Is Finale exporting some data that is preventing me from adding my own phrasing?

    I am very glad to have found this forum and I look forward to contributing when I have learned how to use this wonderful software.

    P. Crosley

    \"17 iMac G4 800/1GB
    OS X 10.3.3
    Finale 2004b/GPO Studio
    Cubase 1.051
    GPO 1.0.2

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    Re: Finale>Cubase/GPO problem: legato phrasing

    Hi Croz,

    This is strange. Make sure that the MIDI channels are set correctly - in your sequencer and your keyboard. If this checks out, look in your event list to see if the MIDI data is being recorded in the same track and with CC#64 (sustain pedal).
    If this doesn\'t work we\'ll try Plan B.

    Hope this helps.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Finale>Cubase/GPO problem: legato phrasing

    I have no idea if this is the problem, but on more than one occasion when Finale was doing something strange and I was left scratching my head, Adam Burford would always ask me to check and make sure \"Human Playback\" was set to none. Usually it wasn\'t and usually that fixed it.

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