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Topic: Midi sensitivity

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    Midi sensitivity

    I use a Yamaha CVP-20 as keyboard for playing
    the GigaSampler. However I have to hit the keys very hard to get max volume. This is impossible while playing.

    So I\'d like change the range of midi input on the GigaSampler, e.g. Max. volume at midi velocity of 64 (in stead of 127).

    In the instrument editor, I\'ve found a place where you can change the velocity curve:
    linear, non-linear (which?), and special (which means?).

    I\'ve also found and 6dB boost and a dynamic range.

    None do as I want: map input midi velocities
    0 .. 64 to output volumes min .. max.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Midi sensitivity

    You have to do change this in your sequencer. I am not sure how it is done automatically, but I know you can do it in Logic at least.

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