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Topic: Buy GigaStudio Now?

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    Buy GigaStudio Now?

    I want to buy a Giga Studio, but own a Mac based ProTools/Logic based system. I have heard rumors of a similar Mac based program being unveiled soon. Is this true and if so, when, and will it work as well as the current PC based platforms. Or should I not wait and just buy a GigaStudio system from soundchaser and network it to my Protools like everyone else.

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    Re: Buy GigaStudio Now?

    I do my sequencing also with Logic/PT on a Mac. I use GS as a standalone sampler system. I like this setup because this way it does not interfear with my sequences.

    There are no plans for a Mac based Gigastudio.

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    Re: Buy GigaStudio Now?

    I second that. You\'ll find lots of people here running two PCs or a Mac for sequencing/digital audio and PC for Giga. You avoid resource contention by separating the roles. Think about it a digital audio system is writing to a hard drive on the same system that\'s streaming your Giga. You just can\'t get as much out of it for any one application than if you separate the two roles.

    Keep saving yer pennies.

    Steve http://www.mp3.com/stevechandler
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    Re: Buy GigaStudio Now?

    With a SCSI drive subsystem you can effectively stream and sequence on one machine. I\'ve done this with win98 using Logic and GS160. I used 2 Quantum Atlas 10k II Ultra160 SCSI drives with onboard 8MB SRAM
    cache and Frontier Design Dakota/Montana. The results were quite pleasing.



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