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Topic: Laptops? Worth the time and money?

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    Laptops? Worth the time and money?

    I need some major help in developing my studio. I am in need of adding another processing source, and at the same time need would like a mobile solution. I have decided that a laptop with my pc will work well.
    1. Does anyone here have any recommendations of how to set up this rig?
    2. Can I use an iMac g4 with a pc?
    3. Does anyone have a laptop for sale [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
    4. Where is a good place to buy laptops cheaply?

    Sean R. Beeson

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    Re: Laptops? Worth the time and money?

    Laptops work great as either host for sequencer, and can also handle DSP and sampling/multi-tracked recording.

    I use a Powerbook G4 1.25 ghz - Works great as a mobile sketchpad!! Of course, i stream samples from a firewire drive .... i would not suggest a iBook -- as it has less USB ports, no PCMCIA slot, no firewire800 (powerbook has both 400 and 800) - although, alot of people do use iBooks successfully -- so it is certainly a viable option.

    Also, i might add -- the ultra-convenience of having a studio in a backpack is too cool! Add an M-audio Ozone and you have a 2 octave midi controller, 1port interface and a 2 I/O 24/96 audio card with preamp.

    Also -- you can get a little more juice out of a PC -- but clock speed isn\'t everything ;-) Of course -- you can mix/match Mac and PCs (with proper hardware).

    I don\'t understand \'cheaply\' ?? Ya get what ya pay for mate!! With laptops i\'d CERTAINLY make sure you also have a warranty (.e.g. - dont buy used) -- for \'in-expensive\' macs check www.smalldog.com or the AppleStore for refurbished or back-stock items.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Laptops? Worth the time and money?

    I have a pc laptop and want to get away on weekends to write.

    I\'d like to know the best ideas for using a good sound source (giga? xv2020? etc? ) Whats the best option when using only one computer?

    I have an external firewire/usb2.0/1.1 drive. And all I need is Finale for writing.

    Giga will hog down my machine (only 256 mb but could upgrade to 1g)

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