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Topic: computer help

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    computer help

    Have to wait to upgrade for a while

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    Re: computer help

    1500 GBs?!? I\'ll assume you meant 1500 MBs or 1.5 GBs - in that case I would go with a higher processor. True RAM *is* the cheapest way to boost performance, but only for so long, a slow processor in the the end is a slow processor. 1.5 GBs of DDR should take care of most practical computing circumstances. Go with the processor...

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    Re: computer help

    Nicole, what procspeed are you using right now ?

    If you\'re running on 2.8 Ghz or more, I wouldn\'t really bother with a new proc as it wouldn\'t give you that much increase in speed.
    HT is cool, but only if you\'re using software that makes use of multiprocessing and to my knowledge, there\'s no musicsoftware that does (but I could be mistaken).

    1.5 GB is also a very respectable amount of ram.... so the real question is... should you upgrade at all ?

    I\'m running GPO on a 2.6 Ghz 1 GB machine and it\'s running real smooth, haven\'t had any troubles at all.

    If you\'re planning on doing a lot of audioeditting, a real fast harddrive (or even better a raid) could be handy... but also not really a must.

    On the other hand... If your Proc is indeed \'old\', I would go for a nice new HT model... but not the latest... just buy one that\'s about .2 Ghz slower.... saves you a lot of money.


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    Re: computer help

    Ooops. I meant 1.5 gbs lol Least you knew my mistake.

    Ok I have made up my mind then. Im using a 1.5 gbs of ram atm so I think ill go with a processor. Though im not sure if I should just go ahead and get that which wont be outdated like 3+ghz for a while or just a little slower . Wouldnt it be wiser, even though its just a little more money to get whats going to be around for atleast a while and is currently on the top end? You can always upgrade again a year later?
    Sigh one thing I hate/love now is computers and the decisions I have to make

    Thank you two for the insight. I will consider both posts. I would ask my friend who built this but he is more into video games and would immediatly suggest the highest price fastest CPU out there hehe. He thought it was in my best interest to put this high end graphics card in here and the most workout it gets is solitaire. I probably could have bipassed that and used the ondboard graphics and just got the processor lol Game people vs music people, ill have to sneak my questions to you guys

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    Re: computer help

    If you are decided to go for a CPU, consider this:

    a) buying a CPU that matches your motherboard.
    b) buying both CPU and motherboard that matches.

    And you will ask: OK, what\'s CPU-motherboard matching?

    You can buy a really fast CPU these days, but everything in your system CPU, memory and disks, dance at the tempo your motherboard dictates. Your motherboard is the heart of your system, and not the CPU, as it\'s usually believed.

    Think of it in this way: when you load samples into RAM and play a virtual sampler, your HDD sends all the data to the CPU, and your CPU send it to the RAM cards (this is not exact, but it will do). Then it goes again to the CPU, who sends all the processed samples to your sound card. And who connects all these elements? yes, your motherboard.

    So, if you have a slow motherboard, it doesn\'t matter how fast your CPU is. It will be a bottleneck for your entire system.

    This is what I do when building a DAW:

    1) Fastest motherboard I can afford. Fast and featured enough to handle at least one CPU update in the future.

    2) Memory. We know we need lots of memory when working with samples. Then, 1 Gb minimum, 1.5 Gb is better (I don\'t really need more than this).

    3) CPU. I never chose the latest CPU available, because it\'s expensive, and I want to have reviews available which tell me about CPU\'s performance with my motherboard.

    My two cents [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: computer help


    Here is the board that was chosen for me. Im rather happy with it. There is no possible way I can downgrade getting a newer cpu at this point hehe It supports only intel CPU almost any configuration (478) socket up to 3ghz+ with or without HT. Believe me when I say that compared to my old computer, this thing feels like a porsche.

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    Re: computer help

    Mmmm, that\'s cool indeed. It supports fast DDR 400 RAM in case you need it, USB 2.0, and fast ATA. And it has an Intel chipset, which is unfortunately a good idea, as it is usually better covered by card vendors (including audio cards), in detriment of cheaper VIA chipsets.

    I don\'t thing you will have any problem with this beast. And I think it will serve you well for at least 3 to 5 years. It depends on how demanding you are with your equipment.




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    Re: computer help

    Well you have a Pentium mobo and I\'m partial to AMD. I believe a Barton in a mobo using the Nforce chipset (like the Biostar M7NCD Pro) will give the best performance-to-dollar ratio for music applications. Gamers will differ on this topic, believe me!

    The Nforce chips are better for disk-intensive applications like DFD. Once you get above 2.0 ghz, processor speed is less crtical.

    Pentium 4s are better at things like video rendering and games, but there is not much distinct advantage for music. And the P4 is prone to spiking due to the famous \'de-normalization\' issue. Basically INTEL blew it when they designed the P4. It is no good at FSU, thats why they push SSE2. Basically it has a math problem which in the begining days of the P4 almost cost INTEL a lawsut, and which cannot be corrected in the current design.

    I use a lot of older plug-ins and AMDs suffer from this much less and are much more cost-effective right now.

    \'Hyperthreading\' is mostly a marketing gimmick by INTEL, it works but only if programs are specifically written for it. SONAR 3.1 makes use of it I understand, but friends tell me it has had a couple problems. One aquaintance of mine says he has turned HT off and gets better performance overall.

    But if you want to keep your mobo (and it\'s a great one) then go for the proc upgrade; you have enough memory IMO.

    Bear in mind however, that if you ask for fifty answers you\'ll get fifty different opinons. This is one of those kind of topics. I\'m sure a bunch of forum members here would disagree with my comments.

    Do some research online and take your best shot!

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    Re: computer help

    I was told by NI to turn OFF Hyper threading if I am using a Kontakt player. They said the Kontakt player does not like hyper threading.

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