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Topic: In Memory of NS Member Adam Burford

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    In Memory of NS Member Adam Burford

    In Memory of NS Member Adam Burford

    It is with deep regret that I announce the passing of a beloved and talented NS member. Adam Preston Burford of Maple Grove, Minnesota, died at his home May 8, 2004.

    Adam was born in New York City, April 18, 1958, son of Elizabeth “Betty” Burford and Franklin Burford.

    Adam graduated from Peabody Music Conservatory at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., and West Virginia University in computer science. He had an active career doing a lot of high-level computer programming and coding.

    Adam has been a consummate musician all his life playing bassoon and other woodwind instruments. He loved music and technology and had an interest in making notation programs easier to use. Adam told me he enjoyed participating in Northern Sounds and regarded the members of the forum as family. Whether he was helping someone with a problem, sharing a demo he arranged, collaberating on a composition, or sharing a plug-in he wrote; Adam was always there to help. He has been a great resource for members.

    I had the good pleasure of meeting Adam at the MENC show in Minneapolis last month. Adam seemed like a child in a candy store with all the musical instruments and gear around him. He had a great time at the show dancing on a MIDI keyboard mat and making it sound wonderful. I also remember his kind and gentle spirit. He spoke of his dreams and shared some of the ideas he had about technology and music.

    Adam had a love for Turn-of-the-Century music. He has put together a web site devoted to Turn-of-the-Century music to remember the forgotten songs of a precious era. Many of these pieces were considered contemporary classical music at the time and were played alongside Mozart and Beethoven. Adam has done the world a service in reviving these classics that were once a vital part of the music world. Sometimes, when I would have a stressful day, I would play some of Adam\'s music and it never failed to lift my spirits.

    You can still hear Adam\'s music at http://www.burfordgallopade.com/
    Adam\'s family mentioned they will keep the site going as a tribute to Adam.

    A memorial service will take place in Lewisburg, WV on May 29, 2004. Memorial donations may be made to Doctors Without Borders, P.O. Box 1869, Merrifield, VA 22116-9644.

    We have all lost a valuable member of our community.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: In Memory of NS Member Adam Burford

    there are no words in these cases.

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    Re: In Memory of NS Member Adam Burford

    Adam was a great man, Shaz and I are going to keep the ELECTRO project going as a tribute. I also wanted to post this picture, that Gary mentioned in his post above of Adam and the keyboard mat:

    That really sums up Adam\'s attitude towards life better than I ever could.

    Adam, we\'ll miss you.

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    Re: In Memory of NS Member Adam Burford

    My heart is always saddened when a young person\'s time is up. My prayer for his family and friends is that the mourning will be lighter when they remember the thoughts and music that he has blessed them with. So sad, what a short life.
    My condolences to you Gary and those here that knew him.


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    Re: In Memory of NS Member Adam Burford

    Boy, is this a downer on an otherwise glorious weekend.

    I only \"knew\" Adam through a few posts here we made back and forth, but he seemed like a great guy. The world is a poorer place without him.

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    Re: In Memory of NS Member Adam Burford

    No words......just tears for our brother.

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    Re: In Memory of NS Member Adam Burford

    I\'m pretty sure that Adam is in a far better place, now. He seemed like such a good man. And it always saddens me when I see things like this, because I just saw one of his posts just YESTERDAY, talking about the ELECTRO project. It seemed like a really cool competition.

    ....but how on earth did he die???

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    Re: In Memory of NS Member Adam Burford

    I cannot but think of his family. I just lost someone dear to me at work and it doesn\'t get any easier. Adam was a highly valued member of this community but I\'m sure he was treasured by his family. Death just makes you feel so helpless, I guess because we are. All I can offer are my thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. He will be missed, but no one is truely gone until the last ripples of their story are gone as well. Adam will live forever...

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    Re: In Memory of NS Member Adam Burford

    I\'m crushed!

    Adam and I shared some interests far apart from GPO, Finale, and Overture, and corresponded about them in addition to the usual rants about the \"executable shape designer\" in Finale. I might have been the one to nudge him toward Overture...

    He was \"objectively\" devoted to his various interests and was an articulate advocate of them.

    He was a truly intelligent and cultured person. If his family sees this, they should know how admired and respected he was here by all of us.

    Jim Williams
    E. B. Lacy Professor
    of Business and Entrepreneurship
    Franklin College
    Euphonium Soloist

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    Re: In Memory of NS Member Adam Burford

    ...And I\'ve been moping and depressed because my new PC blew up this past week. How selfish of me!!

    Adam will be sorely missed. His contributions here were multitudinous.

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