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Topic: Clicks & Pops... what is wrong

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    Clicks & Pops... what is wrong

    Hi guyz,

    I\'ve been following this forum for quite some time now and I must say I love it. Perhaps you guys can help me out here. I\'m a Gigastudio newbie (just bought it a week ago) and I\'m experiencing some problems and don\'t know how to solve \'em.

    I\'ve got Gigastudio 160 2.5 beta installed on my Windows ME rackmount computer with around 400 MB RAM and three harddisks (C, D, E - which is on a secondary IDE slave). All drives are 7200 RPM.

    I\'m experiencing clicks and pops now and then both in digital and analog mode (I first thought I had clock problems but even when I sent my Audiophile 24/96 a Nanosyncs clock-signal I get the clicks and pops). So I thought it might be the HD\'s; I defragmented all of them but it still happens now and then. I\'m using the MIDI in and OUT of the AUDIOPHILE by the way.

    Does anyone have a clue?

    Your help is greatly appreciated!



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    Re: Clicks & Pops... what is wrong

    I recommend visiting this site to watch all the interesting TUTORIAL VIDEOS for DAW optimizing:

    then click on the link pointing to: \"optimize your DAW\".

    that solved all of my software related problems with clicks and pops


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    Re: Clicks & Pops... what is wrong

    Hello Barnier,

    For IDE hard drives, it is best to have the sound playback drive installed to the secondary IDE connector as a master and by itself. Adding another device to the same IDE connector can drag the polyphony down 30 or more notes in some cases. The Primary IDE connector should have the system hard drive as the master and the CD-ROM drive as the slave. You can add more drives to the secondary IDE connector but keep in mind that it could result in a loss of polyphony. Also, hard drive of different speeds - ATA 33, 66, and 100 - on the same IDE channel will revert to the speed of the slowest hard drive on that channel.

    Be sure to check out Dave Casey\'s PC optimization guide as well:


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    Re: Clicks & Pops... what is wrong

    Thanks guys! I\'m going to try your solutions.


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    Re: Clicks & Pops... what is wrong

    If you have 400 Megs of RAM, you might try the following:

    - Close all applications
    - Start GigaStudio and load a small gig
    (e.g.) the mega piano, or something even
    - Check if the pops/clicks are still there.

    When I do this, I don\'t see the LED of the hard disk working. It if so, it would give you a clue, if the problem is hard disk related or not.

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