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Topic: GOS strings vs GPO strings

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    GOS strings vs GPO strings

    Are the GPO strings derived from the sample set in the GOS?
    In other words is the GOS a vastly expanded set of string samples ?

    I\'m using the GPO and am thinking of the GOS.
    Also has anyone read or heard if the GOS will be released in a 24 bit version and if so would there be an upgrade path for those who purchased the earlier version?
    I assume so...just wondered if anyone knows anything about this.

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    Re: GOS strings vs GPO strings

    GOS has, by my definitely unofficial count, about two zillion articulations :-)

    I\'m sure Gary will answer your GOS2 question when he reads this ...


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    Re: GOS strings vs GPO strings

    Thanks for the response but what I really need to know would likely require that someone owns both GPO and GOS . My wording was terrible.
    What I meant was:
    I already use the GPO and if I buy GOS will I be getting the same string samples but with MANY MANY more articulations?
    OR....are the samples in GOS from another sample set ( possibly superior) entirely?

    I do realize all I have to do is pick up the phone to know the answers but sometimes others opinions are of great value as well.

    I simply need the finest string samples out there and need a little advice here.

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    Re: GOS strings vs GPO strings

    Adriann - are you interested in GOS Full Version or Lite?

    I can comment on Lite as I have both GOS Lite and GPO working side by side if this is of interest. If not I don\'t want to type a reply and it be of no use!

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    Re: GOS strings vs GPO strings

    I\'m interested in GOS full although for sure the samples in GOS lite and full are the same I know. I would be interested in what you think anyway if you have time.

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    Re: GOS strings vs GPO strings

    GPO strings are from GOS. GOS has a very large amount of articulations. Pizzicatos, short bows, etc have up to 4 velocity layers but without the filtering that GPO uses. Giga doesn\'t have very good filters such as Kontakt has. GPO uses a lot of the programming in Kontakt which makes some of the patches such as the sustain+short and short bows much more playable than the GOS versions. The GPO versions use much less polyphony.

    I use GOS for things like harmonics, col legno, real slides, muted strings, shorter short bows, etc. You will need to use Giga to get all of the programming functionality. Kontakt 1.5.2 does a decent import but it\'s not perfect.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: GOS strings vs GPO strings

    Lets hear it for more articulations in GPO!

    Lets ask Gary (nicely) to put together a matched set of strings from GOS. That is, with Kontakt programming.

    What would anyone expect to pay for such an add-on?

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    Re: GOS strings vs GPO strings

    Gary was already working on that, didn\'t he? I\'ve heard something about a GOS V2 reprogrammed using Kontakt features. Actually, I\'m waiting for something like this before going for GOS. I\'m not comfortable with Giga format, I prefer by far been able to load all the virtual samplers inside Cubase, and when possible doing some rude mixing while sequencing, all inside the same environment, and saved with the project.

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    Re: GOS strings vs GPO strings

    Thanks very much ...again! It\'s all helping. Now I understand if I want to be able to do slides I will need GOS. Is this correct?

    I\'m lost on what you refer to as far as importing into Kontakt.

    Are you saying you can import GOS or a part of it into Kontakt? and if so, do you mean the full Kontakt player?

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    Re: GOS strings vs GPO strings

    Yes. If you want slides, you need GOS. And again, yes, the full Kontakt version (not just the player) has a GIGA format import feature which works quite well, and can be used to load GOS patches into Kontakt. There are people here who have done this operation and can tell you, better than me, how good the results are.

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