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Topic: PMI Steinway and PMI Bos 290 with GS3

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    PMI Steinway and PMI Bos 290 with GS3

    Hi Michiel,
    I have both your Steinway D and Bos 290, (which I love [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]), and wondered if you will be doing a 24 bit Giga version to coincide with the release of GS3? If so, will it be a free upgrade for registered users?
    Also I presume Giga Pulse will work with your libraries?

    many thanks

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    Re: PMI Steinway and PMI Bos 290 with GS3

    GS3 updates for the GRANDIOSO pianos are on their way. They will offer 24 bit samples, IR\'s and intelligent midi features. Some other things will be implemented. The exact idea depends on the final GS3 specs so you\'ll see it when GS3 is out.
    The update price will depend on the amount of extra material included, the amount of work involved etc but will at least cover the duplication costs of the DVD\'s. The update price will be reasonable.

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