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Topic: Re-Install problems

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    Re-Install problems

    I own a legal copy of Giga 160 and got the updated Gigapiano CD. However, when installing on a re-formatted HD, it looks for the gigapiano CD to register but can\'t find it. I click cancel and Giga works fine. But after so many days, when I hit cancel at the prompt, Giga just closes. My only solution thus far is to remove Giga, clean registry, and re-install. That usually buys me 3 weeks until I need to do it all over again. I\'ve tried the Piano Cd in both drives, but it never finds it. Strangely, I can load copy the piano and load it just fine. Tascam offers no help, several unreturned emails. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks - JC

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    Re: Re-Install problems

    Just a thought. Last time I was installing Windows on my computer I tried to use my SCSI drive. It did not work because at some point the setup program asked for a CD but was stubbornly expecting it to be in the drive with assigned drive letter D. Couldn\'t it be that GigaStudio also looks for the CD in a drive with certain drive letter assigned? Maybe it would help to change it for the purpose.

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