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Topic: Popping Giga hell !!!

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    Popping Giga hell !!!

    I`ve just bought gigasampler 96 and i`m getting a lot of static like noise when (i presume) the polyphony is used up, although I dont feel i`m using that much .i notice it mainly on a piano with sus pedal held down.Before i upgrade to gigastudio 160, is lack of polyphony causing this problem ????
    I`m using the delta 410 sound card, 340 megs of RAM, 20 gig hard drive and a 500mhz processor, am I missing something or do i just need the polyphony upgrade .
    Feel free to contact me offlist. Any help is more than welcom .


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    Re: Popping Giga hell !!!

    Hi Paul
    It\'s most likely not a matter of number of
    avail. voices, more likely a matter of
    system setup and tuning.

    On order to get a high performance out
    of your Gigastudio you need a fairly fast
    computer - especially harddisk performance.
    You need a IDE66, or better IDE100 or SCSI
    and most important you need to tune your system for audio.

    RME has a service corner with info on how to tune the system.

    Select the Tech Info department and look
    for \'Tuning Tips for Low Latency operation\'

    Pay special attention to using Harddisk DMA transfer.

    best regards

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    Re: Popping Giga hell !!!

    thanks for the reply , i`ve tried some of those things but it still happens .There is one thing that stops the noise, and that is reducing the available polyphony. I can hold the sustain pedal down and play for ages with no probs if the polyphony is 40. this is no good for anything else mind you !
    what do i need (spec wise) to have a software sampler that (1) gives me 160 notes polyphony.
    (2)allows me to load 32 high memory samples, all playing at once without a hitch ??? not including hardware samplers ! which i`m tempted to go back to .
    thanks again


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    Re: Popping Giga hell !!!

    Im not an expert with these things but Ive had a similar problem. I had a P3550 with 512MG of Ram and had my system tuned according to all the advice out there....and still had the problem. That is until I upgraded my processor to 1.4GB with 1 GB of RAM. Of course I dont know what specifically the speed needed to be to get 160 polyphany but that did it and then some
    Good luck

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    Re: Popping Giga hell !!!

    I solved the majority of my software related poppings and clickings using this link:

    there are tutorial AVI videos there for every optimization necessary with notes for GS users.

    Once you know your software is optimized to avoid any type of clicking/popping, then you can concentrate on your hardware.

    Hope to have been userful,

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    Re: Popping Giga hell !!!

    You should also do some searches within this forum, e.g. on the VCACHE settings in System.ini. The Tascam site also seems to have some good information on configuring and tweaking PC\'s for audio and Giga use.

    I use these settings:

    which is quite different from what Windows uses by default on a 768 Mb machine (if I put it higher, I would get more voices, but this helps me to load a max number of libraries).

    VCache settings are for disk caching.

    Also, I experienced a lot more polyphony when I upgraded from GigaSampler to GigaStudio.

    On my (older) P-III 550 Mhz PC with 768 Mb I get about 100 voices before running into trouble. I trust that a final processor upgrade to 700 Hz (the max for this board) would get me close to 160 voices. In the mean time I can live with capturing, submixes, bounces, etc.


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    Re: Popping Giga hell !!!

    Thanks for all of these tips ! I`m biting the bullet and investing in a new computer.
    2x60gig drives, 1.5 gig ram, 1.5 gighz processor . I hope that will solve it !!!???



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    Re: Popping Giga hell !!!

    Before you do so, search this forum for anything to do with harddrive /harddisk / IDE setup. This sounds alot like not having DMA enabled / having master&slave on the port / using a plug-in controller.

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    Re: Popping Giga hell !!!

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by cc:
    Before you do so, search this forum for anything to do with harddrive /harddisk / IDE setup. This sounds alot like not having DMA enabled / having master&slave on the port / using a plug-in controller.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Could you explain in plain english what you mean ? i really have no idea about computers and the terminology used .It would be really appreciated .



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