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Topic: Same question stated differently

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    Same question stated differently

    Since I got no answer to my previous question, I will ask it in a different way.

    After I installed Gigastudio, I was able to see and select four Nemesys ports in the Midi setup screen of my sequencer (Finale). By selecting one or more of these ports in my sequencer, I am then able to play out a score in real time (Finale tracks the score as it plays).

    I have installed the Kontakt demo, but do not see any new Midi out devices in Finale\'s Midi setup screen. Consequently, I cannot route a real time Midi performance to Kontakt. I imagine that I could generate a Midi file and then load it into Kontakt, which would be ok to test the demo, but unacceptable for regular use.

    Does anybody know how to send real time midi output from a sequencer to Kontakt? I assume this can be done, but I would like to test with Finale before I purchase the full version and possibly find that I can\'t do what I need to.

    Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    Re: Same question stated differently

    I\'m no great expert and I\'m not using this system, but I think you should make do with some (freeware?) utilities like midi-yoke (midi-ox) or hubi\'s loopback. They install virtual midi in midi out port that are listed in your pc midi-in and out ports and that can arrange the connection.
    Something like:
    finale midi out to midi-yoke \"in\" port
    midi-yoke \"out\" port to kontakt midi in port (selecting midi-yoke port as kontakt\'s midi in port).
    You can get more information here
    or searching for \"Hubi\'s MIDI LoopBack\".
    Hope it helps

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