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Topic: My first piece with the GPO

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    My first piece with the GPO

    Hello to all the forum.I can say of to have made my first piece with the GPO. The title it è:\"The March Of The Wind\".
    The March Of The Wind

    A travel between exceptional sounds that have guided to me for hand, like if pits their child...

    I have a Athlon 2400 with 1 giga of ram. I have opened four requests of Kontakt player, loading the following instruments:
    1)Steinway slowly pair, d\'amore Oboe only, Oboe classical only, vlns1 lush, cello1 ens3, champagne glass ens3, cellos lush, small 5°solo, violin 1 single Galgli, cello1 ens2, Tpt and ens3, Tenor Tbone ens, Tp1 ens3, former eardrums, violas lush, violins 2 tremolo, Dbl Bass ens3, Cellos lush, Tubular Bells, Bass Drum, Wind Machine, English hor 1 ens, Snares, BB Clarinet ens3, Cymbals, single Contratuba.

    Hello to all the Forum (e a tutti gli italiani che lo frequentano).


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    Re: My first piece with the GPO

    Zelazowa, (I hope I spelled that right. Quick, to the spell checker!!)


    Nice job. The wind machine at the beginning kinda threw me at first because we have been having some hellacious thunderstorms here in South-Eastern Ohio and I thought we were under attack again. (It\'s a twister!! It\'s a Twister!!)


    Anyway, you have a very good start. I would suggest using a bit more reverb and try to layer the instruments into the mix. They all seem to be standing right in front of the microphone. Checking the dynamics and volume and adjusting them would help in that aspect.

    (Another cow! No, I think it\'s the same one!)

    Once again, nice job. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact me or any of the other fine people in this forum. I think that you will find this place to be very helpful and just a fun place to hang out (although, I\'m still the only one in the Web Chat this morning. Oh well, maybe I\'ll play I spy again!)

    Nice job and welcome to the forum.


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    Re: My first piece with the GPO

    Wonderful! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

    - m

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    Re: My first piece with the GPO


    That was something REALLY different. \'Romanian\' sounding mixed with middle eastern sounding....yet you write in Italian! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    Very interesting piece.

    Where are you from?


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    Re: My first piece with the GPO

    Thank you very much for your comments.
    Thanks to Yonny Lost,to Markleford and to Hardy Heern.
    I don\'t speak english very well but I have understood
    that my first piece with the Garritan Personal Orchestra
    has been from you appreciated.
    I\'m from Italy and I live in Gubbio,the city of the \"CERI\":
    Bye from Italy to all you and from Gubbio
    one of the beautiful cities of the world.


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    Re: My first piece with the GPO

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    Re: My first piece with the GPO

    Thanks to your councils I have corrected my piece.
    I have put some of reverberate with plugin \"Acoustic and the Ambience\" of the GPO.
    Thanks for your comments and councils.
    Bye bye

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