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Topic: From W98SE to 2000 or XP : to go or not to go ?

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    From W98SE to 2000 or XP : to go or not to go ?

    I see that Tascam has released a 2000/XP compatible version of Giga (2-5).
    From what I understand, this O.S compatibility is about the single \"improvement\" of this new GS....
    Is 2-5 really the way to go ?
    I mean, the change does not seem to be achieved effortless and painless (slow download, crashes, problems...), and the public beta is said by some to be less than reliable...
    So can anyone TELL me what one REALLY gains by switching to 2000 or XP ?
    Is the OS noticeably more stable, bug-free, faster ?
    I can consider diving into the trouble of changing os and downloading the 2-5, if all this is really worth it.
    But if it\'s a matter of \"changing just for the change\", I will stick to the old and \"not-too-bad\" 98 SE.
    Thanks to anybody who will care to show me the obvious pros and cons about this issue.

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    Re: From W98SE to 2000 or XP : to go or not to go ?

    I think it is just in Beta right now. If your 98 system is working, I would recommend waiting until they do the full release to upgrade.

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    Re: From W98SE to 2000 or XP : to go or not to go ?

    I recently learned that an argument for XP or 2000 is the internal limitations of GDI-Memory of Windows 98.
    GSt160 takes about 25% of GDI. If you have GDI-intensive applications like the new Sibelius V2 running together with GSt160 you will soon reach the limits of Win98. I found to be unable to run this constellation. Of course this is bad programming of Sibelius which takes more than 60%. But the applications are getting more and more hungry with the new stylish designs and there is no way in Win98 to extend this memory.

    Well done Mr. Gates! Keep on screwing your customers!


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    Re: From W98SE to 2000 or XP : to go or not to go ?

    I agree with the Bill Gates statement. I couldn\'t even upgrade XP from ME on my girlfriends computer. We had all kinds of problems. Microsoft, a billion dollar corporation, has no 800 number as well and they asked me to stay on hold 3 times for 45 minutes to an hour to try and help me, so I said f-ck it because my phone bill would\'ve been ridiculous. I asked if someone could call me back from tech support when they had some free time and they said \"no we can\'t do that.\"
    Yeah, I agree. Microsoft should at least have an 800 number especially for a new product like XP since it obviously doesn\'t upgrade easily.
    So now we basically have an unregistered copy of XP still sitting in the box unused and not able to be installed.

    [This message has been edited by Damon (edited 12-07-2001).]

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    Re: From W98SE to 2000 or XP : to go or not to go ?

    a good computer magazine here strongly recommended to not upgrade but to install from scratch instead.

    There are many reasons NOT to go for XP:

    - You are forced to register without knowing what data is being transferred to Gates
    - You are forced to re-register when changing hardware components
    - Very relaxed Internet-handling. XP permanently trying to connect to the Internet sending and receiving data you have no idea about
    - Very stylish design, captivating your attention to things that do not need it. Confusing.
    - Proprietary built-in strategies to monopolize the Internet
    - Big problem with drivers: Hardware without XP-driver will not run. It might run with a Win2k-driver, but you have to manually install it.

    - Stability has increased, but I´ve seen it crashing here and there

    If you are not forced (like with GDI), forget it.


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    Re: From W98SE to 2000 or XP : to go or not to go ?

    No offense Horst, but a lot of what you have posted is simply FUD from the anti-Microsoft crowd. About the only legitimate thing is the hardware compatibility issue, which is certainly an issue.

    I\'ve been using XP for a while now at work (not on my Giga machine at home) and it is by far the best OS Microsoft has produced. The product activation thing is not a big deal. You would have to swap out a ton of hardware before it would make you reactivate. If you don\'t want to use their Passport (internet) stuff you don\'t have to, but personally I find it useful since I have a Hotmail account. The whole thing about it \"sending and receiving data you have no idea about\" is just Big Brother BS--Microsoft isn\'t spying on all of us. If they were mysteriously and secretly sending your data around, one of the privacy groups would have found out by now and would be screaming bloody murder.

    Still, I\'m not going to upgrade my Giga Machine until there is a fully working release version of GigaStudio for XP. When that is available I\'ll probably move over because XP handles large amounts of memory better than 98 and is far more stable.

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    Re: From W98SE to 2000 or XP : to go or not to go ?

    Oh, and BTW I\'m NOT trying to gloss over the upgrade issues. There seems to be a certain percentage of people that have a horrible time upgrading. Most of the reviews I read said that a good percentage of the boxes they tested upgraded fine, but there were some that just konked out when trying to upgrade, so you ARE probably better off with a clean install of XP (that is what I have at work). I\'ll probably try to upgrade my Giga machine first and see what happens.

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    Re: From W98SE to 2000 or XP : to go or not to go ?

    If you do want to upgrade your OS I would definatly go for XP. GS runs much faster on it. For me GS2.5 and XP is by far the most stable version I have ever had.

    Before you switch check out if you have all the drivers you need.
    If you don\'t like the graphical mumbo jumbo, you can switch to the old classic look (like I did).

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