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Topic: GS beta 2.5 destroyed Win2k

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    GS beta 2.5 destroyed Win2k

    My colleague tried to install the 2.5 beta version of Gigastudio96 (gs96_2k_v25042.exe)
    on his system running Windows 2000 with PIII 500, and a delta 1010. Immediately after installing and restarting, Windows crashed before finishing the reboot. It now only restarts in \"Safe Mode\". We tried to uninstall Giga but couldn\'t do it in safe mode. We haven\'t yet been able to get through to tech support. His computer is effectively non-functional, and we haven\'t found a way to fix it yet. Has anyone seen a similar problem with this beta version, or does anyone have any ideas?


    p.s. I tried to post to the Tascam forum, but had a problem with my registration.

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    Re: GS beta 2.5 destroyed Win2k

    I would guess you have some kind of hardware conflict. Try either disabling your audio cards or removing them.
    I had no problems with the Giga update.
    I did a clean Giga install, ie I removed the old version before updating. (but get the download first, because you\'ll need the download codes from the old version)
    I also have Cubase VST running and 3 somewhat arguementive sound cards

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    Re: GS beta 2.5 destroyed Win2k

    Try reinstalling your soundcard. This will install the original sounddrivers over the Giga ones. That should do the trick.

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    Re: GS beta 2.5 destroyed Win2k

    Just to follow up, he was able to go into safe mode, switch to 800x600 graphics mode, and then the giga uninstaller worked. Once GS was unistalled, his system worked fine again. He has decided to wait for the release version to try to install again.

    Thanks for your suggestions.


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